May 31, 2023

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HomeAway Homestay End Of Year Contest

Part of Expedia family, HomeAway (formerly known as Travelmob, is a social platform where guests can locate and book from the world’s largest selection of vacation rentals with more than 1.2 million listings. HomeAway believes that travellers, when travelling with family or friends can enjoy their holiday way better at vacation rentals instead of tiny hotel rooms.

We have stayed in various properties using HomeAway in the past. During our holiday in Hanoi, we booked two different properties in Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh. What motivated us to book with HomeAway back then was the opportunity to stay and live like a local.

Homestay in Hanoi with HomeAway

What’s more, it is more affordable than hotels and we met two really awesome hosts. It was one of the most memorable stays ever. Thus, we also decided to stay on a junk in Halong Bay, booked with HomeAway.

Stay in a junk in Halong Bay.

When you are convinced and trust the brand, you will continue to support them. Thus, we chose to stay at the Ladies Market with HomeAway again during one of our trips to Hong Kong. That was one of the most affordable apartment rentals with the best location.

Kyoto Tofukuji Samurai Machiya

We will be travelling to Japan soon and we found some really cool HomeAway properties listed on their website. This Kyoto Tofukuji Samurai Machiya property is one of the coolest we found on HomeAway and it reminds me of our stay in Akita Japan. We feel like a local in the Japanese Samurai era in Kyoto. This is one of our dream homes for our next trip to Japan.

Kyoto Tofukuji Samurai Machiya

Another dream home of our choice would be this Traditional Japanese House with Garden in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Not only is it near to the train station, it is surrounded with convenience store and great choices of Japanese restaurants. You can choose to buy your own groceries and cook in the kitchen or eat out for some authentic Japanese cuisine.

Traditional Japanese House with Garden in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Well, if you are planning to visit Japan or any other country, you don’t have to dream anymore!

Traditional Japanese House with Garden in Shinjuku, Tokyo

HomeAway is running the #GetAwaywithHomeAway End of Year Contest and one lucky traveller will win 3 dream family holidays worth SGD$ 6,000. That includes that super cool Kyoto Tofukuji Samurai Machiya property. Remember, there are 3 dream family holidays worth SGD$ 6,000 which is around RM 18,000 to be won!!

Traditional Japanese House with Garden in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Want to know more about the contest? Want to win this super cool HomeAway End of Year Contest? For more information, visit and good luck everyone!

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