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Lemang To’Ki in Bentong Karak Pahang

Are you finding for really good Halal food in Bentong and Karak? Well, we have the right place for you. Recommended by my local friends, Lemang To’ki is one of the best places for lemang and rendang.

lemang toki bentong

They are located at 28700 Bentong Pahang (the trunk road to Raub) before Bentong Golf Club. Thus, the restaurant is quite prominent with a huge signboard (on the left) and you can find many cars and bikes park in front of it. It is a very popular restaurant in Bentong for the locals.

lemang toki

It is an open-air restaurant and there is nothing fancy about the interior. Thus, it is a self service restaurant so you have to pay first (except you are a regular customer).

They have mixed rice with dishes (lauk) but the superstar is their famous lemang (glutinous rice in bamboo) grilled with charcoal. You can find many lemang during the Ramadhan month but for delicious ones, it is hard to come by.

The lemang is sold by stick or set with rendang chicken or beef. There are dozens of lemang on the grill and they probably sold hundreds every day.

lemang toki menu

The lemang is glutinous rice with coconut milk and salt cooked in the bamboo stick wrapped with banana leaf. The key point is the quality of the glutinous rice and how much coconut milk they use to cook it. Lemang To’ki’s version is fragrant with coconut milk and the taste is good. This is highly recommended and we never had such a tasty lemang for a very long time.

lemang toki lemang

It goes well with their rendang chicken. Their version of rendang is not that spicy but greasy. If there is no oil, it won’t taste nice right?

lemang toki rendang chicken

The grill chicken is also popular and they were sold out when we were there for lunch. After we had our lunch, they only started to grill the chicken and we didn’t have time to wait for it. Maybe we will come again next round.

lemang toki grill chicken

Lemang To’ki is definitely a great place to drop by if you are visiting Bentong, Karak or Raub. This is a Halal restaurant and it is often packed during peak hours. GPS coordinate is below.

Opening Hours: 7:15AM–12AM

Lemang To’Ki in Bentong Karak Pahang Address:

28700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 9-222 1587

GPS: 3.545428, 101.899415

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