November 30, 2023


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Tuk Tuk Rates in Hatyai Thailand

We just came back from Hatyai last weekend and we would like to share some of our travel experience. One of them is the tuk tuk ride in Hatyai. We all know tuk tuk charges are exorbitant in Bangkok but how are the charges in Hatyai?

hatyai tuk tuk

There are many variations of tuk tuk in Thailand. For tuk tuk in Bangkok, most of them are 2 seaters while you get pick-up truck alike tuk tuk in Hatyai. It can easily fit 6 persons and more in Hatyai’s tuk tuk.

We took couple of rides near Central Festival Mall to the city and back and to nearby attractions so we can average out the tuk tuk rates in Hatyai.

The cheapest tuk tuk ride in Hatyai is around 20 Baht even it is within a few minutes of ride. That is the standard charge for tuk tuk but you can negotiate for a round up figure if you have many people on the same ride.

hatyai tuk tuk experience

From Central Festival Hatyai to the city center, they are charging around 30 Baht and above per person. The journey from Central Festival Hatyai to the city takes around 15-20 minutes so it is worth the ride.

Honest speaking, we find the tuk tuk rates in Hatyai reasonable. We don’t mind taking tuk tuk as it is one of the best Thai experience ever in Thailand. Most of them can speak Mandarin in Hatyai so there won’t be any troubles in communications. You can also find pictures of attractions in Hatyai in most tuk tuk so you can simply show and tell.

central festival hatyai mall

Remember to visit Central Festival Hatyai as they are currently having festive sales and also plenty of cool festive items to buy. Register the One Card and you can get additional discount up to 50% and the card can be used in any Central malls in Thailand. Enjoy your holiday in Hatyai!

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  1. Those looking like modified trucks are called :song thau” and can seat many people,and can also pick up or discharge passengers along the route.Those with only 2 passengers are “tuk-tuks”.

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