February 6, 2023

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Central Festival Hatyai

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Central Festival Hatyai

Are you traveling to Hatyai soon? For Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali? Or just want to spend a weekend or a staycation in Hatyai? Well, we discovered something new in Hatyai and it is Central Festival Hatyai. After our recent trip to Central Festial Hatyai, we find many reasons why you should visit the mall. We explored the mall over the weekend and we discovered that Central Festival Hatyai is more than just a shopping mall.

The interior of the mall.

We were shopping for our family for the festive seasons as Christmas and Chinese New Year is coming and why not shopping in Central Festival Hatyai as we found many great deals and unique festive items here. After two days of venturing the mall, we found 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Central Festival Hatyai. Thus, if you are planning a weekend getaway during this month of holiday or during Chinese New Year, Hatyai is probably an ideal getaway destination..

1.The 1 Card for more discounts

Tourist Discount!

When you enter the mall through the main entrance, you can spot the Tourist Information Centre. The reason you come here is to get the 1 Card. This 1 Card will give you more discounts on participating outlet and also Central Departmental Store.

The 1 Card!

The beauty of this card is you can use it in every Central Malls in Thailand. For example, you can use it at Central World Bangkok, Central Festival Phuket and any other Central malls in Thailand. On top of that, you can get your VAT return when you purchase in any shop with a single receipt more than THB 2000. Remember to register your 1 Card and happy shopping! Yes, you will get your FREE WIFI here also!

2.Plenty of Good Food

Food Park food court.

When it comes to food, there are plenty in Central Festival Hatyai. They have many restaurants on the upper floors as well as the lower ground floor. For lower ground, they have KFC and McDonald’s and many authentic local food stalls. They have also pop up stalls on every floor and you can find really good food stalls such as iBerry, Kyoto Fuku Matcha and many more.

For the food court, they have local and International cuisines available. Just purchase the debit food card (refundable) and start finding your favourite food here. On top of that, you get to see the other side of Hatyai here through the glass window. You can enjoy the food with the view to kill.

Black Canyon Coffee special toast.

They also have Black Canyon Coffee, Swensen Ice Cream, MK Restaurants and more. You will be spoilt with choices.

Yogurt ice cream at Bung O Pang Cafe

Most of the restaurants are local Thai restaurants and you can find them in Thailand only. This is the reason why we recommend you to dine in these restaurants. The food is good and the prices are reasonable.

3.Ice Skating Rink

There are not many ice skating rink in Malaysia. There are only two in Klang Valley so you don’t really have a place to skate but you can do so in Central Festival Hatyai. Ice skating rink is a fun activity for couples, friends and especially children. Let them experience ice skating at the Ice Skating Rink in Central Festival Hatyai.

4.Bluo Rhythm and Bowl Bowling Centre

There are many reasons to come to Central Festival Hatyai and the bowling centre is one of them. We don’t really go bowling anymore as we don’t have the luxury of time. Furthermore, there are only limited bowling centres in Klang Valley too.

This is the fun reason you should visit Central Festival Hatyai. It is a holiday, have fun, enjoy and go bowling!

5.3D Imax Theatre at Hatyai Cineplex

Don’t really have time to catch a movie in Malaysia, you watch it here at Hatyai Cineplex. This is the largest and the best Cineplex in Hatyai. You can find many latest movies here and some in 3D Imax. We don’t really have time to watch a movie back home.

Our time is either occupied by work or with our children. Only parents will understand this and we really enjoy watching movies in Hatyai Cineplex.

6.Fun Planet Entertainment Center

Fun Planet is a family amusement center and it is a fun place for family and even couples. You can really spend time playing the games here and you can redeem gifts when you win enough coupons.

This is a fun get together place for couples, families and friends. This is the place for family bonding if you ask me.

Play games and to get the coupons to redeem the gifts.

7.Baby Friendly Mall

Free cute car strollers for kids.

Just go to the Tourist Information Counter on the Ground Floor, you can ask the staff for the baby car strollers. It is a cool red colour red stroller and this service is FREE. Instead of carrying them around the mall, just cruise your baby with this cool stroller.

On top of that, there are baby changing rooms and areas within the mall. This mall is built for the convenience of families with babies.

Train ride for kids.

That’s why we recommend you to visit the mall.

8.Karaoke Centre

Karaoke Center in Fun Entertainment.

For all the song birds out there, there are two places for Karaoke. There is one located in the Fun Planet and another one in the Bluo Rhythm and Bowl Bowling Centre. You probably can sing for one hour or two and even can trying sing some Thai songs.

9.Shopping Experience

The anchor tenant is Central Departmental Store. If you apply the One Card, you can get additional discount on top of the sale up. That’s why we recommend you to apply the One Card first before you start to do anything in the mall.

Pay Less Shoes Outlet.

There are hundreds of stalls in almost every single category. They have sports outlets, educational outlets, book stores, music shops, fashion and boutiques, gadget shops and many more.

Thus, they also have Watsons and Boots in the mall. For Watsons and Boots lovers, you can find more variety here as the shop here is bigger.

There are also International brands like Uniqlo, Toys ‘R Us and H&M here. Trust me, you can find many great deals here.

10.Everything Under One Roof

Central Festival Hatyai is the one and only place you get everything under one roof. You can spend your whole day in this mall. This is not just a mall as you can find plenty of good food, you can shop like no tomorrow and there are plenty of activities to do here.

On top of that they offer free shuttle busses to the city centre during weekends so you don’t need to hail a tuk tuk or drive over.

Free shuttle bus services in Central Festival Hatyai.

There is also weekend night market located outside the mall, something you can look forward to when you visit the mall.

Muslim Prayer Room

There is dedicated prayer’s room for Muslims and also many other facilities.

Fresh sashimi in TOP supermarket

If you plan to so some groceries shopping, TOPS supermarket is the answer. Central Festival Hatyai is not just another mall but it is everything under one roof. Remember, they are the biggest mall in Hatyai.

Free mobile phone charger

Remember to get your 1 Card at the Tourist Information Counter and do write Places And Foods somewhere in the application form if you can.

More information, visit their website at http://shopping.centralfestival.co.th/directory/cf/shopping_directory.php?loc=HYF

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am going to travel to Hatyai next year during CNY. Just feel like Malaysian shopping mall is far more backslide then the one in Hatyai. even a place to charge your hp??!!

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