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This Old KFC Menu from 1980s Will Surprise You

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This Old KFC Menu from 1980s Will Surprise You

For the 1970s babies, we all grow up with KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). It is a fact. We might not have it as often as now as it is always the place for celebrations especially birthdays back then.  The RM (Ringgit Malaysia) symbol was introduced in 1993 so this menu is pre-1993.

So what do they have back then in KFC and how much was the set menus?

kfc 1980

First of all, there was no Hot & Spicy until mid of 1990s. I still remember Singapore had Hot & Spicy before Malaysia and same goes to Unleaded Petrol.

kfc now

For 2 Piece Special it was only $3.30, Snack Plate at $3.95 while Dinner Plate at $4.95. Now in 2016, Snack Plate is priced at RM 11.90 and Dinner Plate at RM 14.90 (both inclusive of 6% GST) during Lunch and Dinner Treats Hours.

The surprising thing is they use to sell alcohol and there is a line of Di Tanggung Halal on the left. Back then you can buy Carlsberg, Anchor and Guinness Stout in KFC Malaysia. For your information, JAKIM was created in 1997 so you didn’t find the HALAL certification in this menu. Now, you can never have a HALAL certified restaurant if you serve alcohol.

On top of that, you can also purchase Teh Cina (Chinese Tea) at $ 0.50. They used to sell Coklat Panas (Hot Chocolate) and they offer Milo now.

We don’t get to eat KFC so often like now. Like we mentioned earlier, it is a place for celebrations in the past. Maybe that why I was less fatter back then.

Sometimes I do miss the old days. The mini busses in Kuala Lumpur, no handphones and no Internet. We used to make efforts to meet up friends. Now, we mainly chat on our phones, chat on social media.

Thus, this menu also shows us how the country and how the society has changed over the years. Imagine if there is no inflation and the food prices remained the same like in the 1980s, everyone will be richer in life.



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  1. Hi.. I remember public phone, using coins. I used to call my mom using that. And friends too, just to chat. And semua orang beratur for the phone. We talked while waiting for turn. Now everyone look at their phone. Tengah jalan pun boleh tengok phone. Adui

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