July 21, 2024


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U Beer The Latest Beer in Thailand

When we visit Thailand, we always drink Thai brand beers. Our favourite is always Singha and Leo Beer and of course there is Chang Beer too. Now, there is a new beer brand set to launch in Thailand very soon and it is called U Beer.

Picture sourced from http://www.brandbuffet.in.th/

U Beer is a new lager beer inspired by the German beer and it is the latest creation by Singha Corporation.

U Beer Specifications:

Style: Lager

Alcohol by Volume [ABV]: 5.0%.

Brewed by: Singha [Boonrawd Brewery].

Size: 640 Ml / 320 Ml.

Price: ???

Launch Date: Mid December 2016

It is set to cater to the young generation who are more designed conscious, hipster, fun and lifestyle savvy. If you look at the design of U Beer, it is fun and modern. For the taste, it is better for you to find out.


If you are planning to visit Thailand, we recommend you to taste this new U Beer. It is something for you to discover and to brag. Hey, you have drink U Beer, the latest beer from Thailand?

Watch our review on U Beer.


0 thoughts on “U Beer The Latest Beer in Thailand

  1. Another crap beer in Thailand, something to brag about? No. It’s trying to compete with Chang beer (price is about the same, sometimes a little lower). “Lifestyle” beer, sure but it is price-competitive and “new”, vs. old Chang which has a more working-class (aka, cheap) brand.

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