April 14, 2024


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Is Pablo Cheese Tart Halal?

So it is finally here! Pablo Cheese Tart from Osaka Japan finally opens its door in One Utama Shopping Mall Malaysia. This is their first outlet in Malaysia and they are located on the 2nd Floor One Utama Old Wing. We visited Pablo on our own (this is not a sponsored or a paid review) and after we posted a short live video on our Facebook Page, a reader asked a very good question, ‘Hi can you tell me if it can be consumed by muslim or not?’ So is Pablo Cheese Tart Halal?

pablo 1 utama

Remember we blogged about Tokyo Banana? Is Tokyo Banana Halal? You can find out the answer here. We asked the people from Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia and they told us that they are in the midst of getting a Halal certificate from Jakim. The food in Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia is pork free and alcohol free. We are unsure about other Pablo Cheese Tart outlets in other countries but it is safe to say, Muslims can consume Pablo Cheese Tart in Malaysia.

pablo mini tarts

They have a few sizes and we bought the mini cheese tart called Pablo mini. We bought a box of six and it is RM 8.90 each. Compare to other cheese tarts in the market, the size is rather average. It is not the largest and not the smallest.

pablo mini tart

The taste? We have to take a few more bites to make sure we tasted it right. The taste is very light and you get hints of cheese flavours. This is something that we didn’t expect. Due to the hype of Pablo in Indonesia and Philippines, we probably expected more. Remember, Pablo cheese tart flavours are not localised so this is how it taste like in Japan. The issue is we are used with strong flavours, our local food and also other competitor cheese tarts. That’s why many people expecting Pablo cheese tarts to be strong in cheese flavours. For those who doesn’t like strong cheese flavours, Pablo cheese tart is probably the answer. The other good thing about Pablo cheese tart is you can have more due to its subtle taste.

Is it worth to visit Pablo Cheese Tart?

pablo mini tart texture

Instead of traveling to Japan or our neighbour countries, we strongly believe that you should at least try Pablo Cheese Tart once and you can decide whether you like it or not. We know the pricing is quite steep but bear in mind, rental in mall is not cheap and all the ingredients for the cheese tarts are imported from Japan. There are also other food products such as biscuits, drinks as well as soft serve ice cream available. For more info visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Pablocheesetartmalaysia

Opening Hours:

10am – 10pm


Pablo Cheese Tart 1 Utama Address:

S130, Level 2, 1 Utama Old Wing

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