February 6, 2023

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Rumours about Thailand Canned Food Is Contaminated with HIV is FAKE

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Rumours about Thailand Canned Food Is Contaminated with HIV is FAKE

A few days ago, I received a very disturbing message in one of my Whatsapp Group. The message is about Thailand manufactured canned food is tainted with HIV virus. A quick glance at the message I already know it is fake and I did tell off the person who circulated the fake message. There is no such thing and who on earth will have the time to taint canned products? Furthermore, it is impossible to transmit HIV virus in canned food! It is sad to see that there are many educated folks out there sharing fake rumours without realizing it.

This is the original Whatsapp message and it is really sad and disturbing.

The fake news circulating on Whatsapp Chat.

There is many fake news out there, folks and please read and analyse and use the brain to think whether it is real or not before sharing it with your friends or families.

Just now, the Royal Thailand Embassy of Malaysia released an official press release on this matter.

Press Release from Royal Thai Embassy of Malaysia.

“With reference to the news being circulated in Malaysia via text messages and in the social media citing that the Thai government has confirmed that canned food, particularly canned fruit, manufactured in Thailand were contaminated with HIV and calls on consumers not to buy those products.
The Embassy would like to state that the news is absolutely false. There is no truth whatsoever in it and there is no such statement by the Thai government or any of the Thai authorities. The Embassy also found that this piece of news is nothing but a recycled one that went viral in Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines in 2013 – 2014. 
(Please refer to 
following websites: http://www.theborneopost.com/…/ignore-rumour-of-contaminat…/ and http://www.thedailypedia.com/2015/02/ health-warning-canned-food-thailand-contaminated-hiv/ )
This groundless piece is apparently intended by some individuals/ organizations with ill intentions to discredit Thai food exporters and Thai products altogether. The Embassy therefore wishes to ask people not to share and circulate any further the news referred to.” – Source – https://www.facebook.com/ThaiEmbassyKL

There many fake stories going on out there and please do not simply share the stories by reading the headlines. One day, it might get you into trouble by spreading fake news.

Thailand canned and manufactured food is safe to consume. Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Rumours about Thailand Canned Food Is Contaminated with HIV is FAKE

  1. Yes it is easy to contaminate food in cans with HIV all you got to do is spit in it or put your blood into it that’s what they said happen is that they transmitted their blood into the cans so it is possible.

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