May 19, 2024


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Australia Local Durian from Darwin and Queenland

Now, this is an interesting story to tell. This morning, my cousin posted a picture of Australian durian at MacQuarie Center in Sydney. Wait, there is Australian durians in Australia? After searching and digging the information online, do you know that Australia have been farming durians for years?
australian durian

So far, there are a few places of durian farms or orchards in Australia. They are in Darwin and in Queensland and probably more. Due to the dry season in North Australia last year, there are more durians for 2017.

Back in 2001, we still remember we encountered Thai durians in Cabramatta market in Sydney. However, this is our first time seeing a local Australian durian. Australia is very strict in importing fresh fruits and that’s why you don’t see many durians in the market. Thus, this creates demand for local durians. You know how many Malaysians and Singaporeans are studying and staying in Australia and we are sure they are craving for durians. How is the taste? Well, we will update if we tasted it one day.

australia durian
Australian durian in Macquarie Center Sydney.

How much a kilogram for Australian durian?

A$ 14.99 for kg which is around RM 50 per kg. It is not as expensive as the ones in Hong Kong. We do spot some similar looking to our Malaysian durians and now we start to crave for durians too. We heard the durian season is starting in Malaysia soon and can’t wait for our beloved Musang King.

Is there any Australian durians? The answer is a big YES. They are planting rambutans and mangosteens too.

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  1. Can’t wait to taste the Australian durian in what month normally it bare fruit? Last year lwent to the vivid Sydney and it was a beautiful atmosphere during night time.

  2. Hi i am wondering if cand get the address or a contact number for the durian farm in Qld i am craving for durian. T

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