February 6, 2023

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10 Things To Do during Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur

Updated: 14/2/2021 THIS IS USELESS GUIDE FOR 2021.

Since we are from Kuala Lumpur, we celebrate Chinese New Year every year in the city. In city, there will be lesser traffic and smaller crowds in the malls as many people has gone back to their hometown. Thus, traveling around the city will be easier and more convenient.

So what are the things you can do during Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur? This story is for everyone including non-Chinese or tourists who will be in KL during Chinese New Year.

  1. Visiting Friends

Celebrate CNY by visiting your friends. It is the time of the year everyone is free to meet up. It is not necessary for ‘ang pow’ (red packet) but also for reunion and catch ups. Great to speak and meet up family member of your friends like great old days.

  1. Feast like no tomorrow

Usually the fast food restaurants are the ones opening during CNY but this year there are many other restaurants are opening during this festive period. We spoke to a few restaurants and most of them will open from CNY eve and the first few days of CNY. Times are bad according to them and they don’t mind working on CNY.

Remember to toss ‘yee sang’ this year for a better new year. This special dish is originated from Malaysia and is now available in Singapore and other countries.

On top of that, most restaurants in major shopping malls are open. Please contact and check with the restaurants (you intend to visit) to book your tables.

Feast first, diet later.

  1. Visit Shopping Malls and Shopping

All of the shopping malls will be opening during CNY. Some of the shopping malls will have special CNY events and celebrations line up during this year.

Most of the locals will go back to their hometown and don’t be surprise if you see many foreign workers in the malls as this is their holiday break too. You can also visit the new redeveloped IPC Shopping Centre.

With the CNY sales going on, this is probably the best time to shop too!

  1. Watch Movies

Most of cinemas will be opened during CNY so this is the time to watch the CNY movies or all the recent hit movies you missed. There are many cinemas in KL right now so you will be spoilt by choices.

Full reclining chairs with food ordering tablets and luxury personal comforter in TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity

For us, we love to visit TGV Indulge as they offer full dining experience in cinema. They are the one and only cinema that offers such services. Thus, you can also order food and drinks and dine in the cinema hall in full reclining seats with luxury personal comforter.

Sicilian Spaghetti in TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity

Currently, they have two outlets in Malaysia, one in 1 Utama Shopping Mall and a brand new one in Sunway Velocity Mall in Cheras. Dine and watch movies in luxury this CNY at TGV Indulge. For more information and bookings, visit https://www.tgv.com.my/cinemas/halls/indulge.html

  1. Taking a good rest and go for a massage

CNY is one of the festive season where you can actually take a good rest from work. We have friends who work almost non-stop around the clock continuously for months. CNY is the best time for the body to rest and heal so why not visiting a spa for a relaxing session?

Thai Odyssey Spa

Thai Odyssey will be opening during CNY in all their outlets. Take a short break, pamper yourself and give your body a break by visiting Thai Odyssey. If you can’t visit Thailand for Thai body massage, you can visit Thai Odyssey and you can check out their outlets in Malaysia at http://www.thaiodyssey.com/

  1. Spend quality family time together

For working parents like us, we work five days and sometimes more if we travel abroad and we have only little time with our children. Thus, for those who work in a different city or abroad, CNY is the best time to spend quality family time together.

We still remember my aunt will talk to my late grandmother until late every day during CNY as my aunt stayed in Singapore.

Cherish the moments with your family when they are around especially during CNY. Bring them gifts or food, the elderly will appreciate it (even though they don’t talk about it in front of you).

This CNY we will be staying in KL to spend more time with our boys. It has been sometimes since we have so many days off and will take the opportunity to spend quality times with them.

  1. Visit Buddhist Temples

For Buddhists, it is time to visit the temples. Popular temple like Thean Hou Temple in Seputeh will be decorated with red lanterns and there will be many people visiting them during CNY.

For non-Buddhists or tourists, this is the perfect time to capture the moment of CNY celebration in KL.

  1. Go For Holiday

We usually seldom go for holiday during CNY but it is something we will do in the future. You can try a staycation in somewhere nearby in places like Sekinchan, Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Fraser Hills, Ipoh, Taiping, Bentong and more.

If you want to travel abroad, you can visit countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Singapore. In Australia, many cities are offering CNY events, parades and fireworks. Maybe you can consider traveling to these countries next year or in the near future.

  1. Time for Gaming

We prefer to use the word ‘gaming’ than gambling as gambling is illegal in Malaysia.

Thus, if you plan for some games with your family and friends, please use chips or Monopoly currency. We don’t want to see you guys on newspaper.

  1. Throw a party

CNY is also the best time to throw a party. Ask your friends, colleagues and families and come together for a party. It could be a pot luck party so everyone can get together and enjoy this festive season.

We hope everyone enjoyed our story, 10 Things To Do during Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur and please share it with your friends and families. We wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year and all the best! Huat ar!

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