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IPC Shopping Centre A Brand New Community Family Shopping Destination

Wonder where to go during the upcoming Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur? How about bringing your family to IPC Shopping Centre? The shopping centre went through a RM 200 million redevelopment which includes the surrounding landscaping and community infrastructure. We went there recently for the official launch and we had a tour of the shopping centre.

ipc shopping centre

You should check out their new IPC Shopping Centre App too, read here.

The layout of the shopping centre is different now – from the position of the elevators to the overall spacious feeling. The main foyer now looks bigger and brighter with the natural lights coming in from outside.

ipc shopping centre new logo

In addition to the redevelopment, IPC Shopping Centre also introduced a new brand logo to mark the brand’s 15th anniversary. The new logo showcases the overall evolution of the brand and how it continues to stay relevant to the community.

ipc shopping centre layout

IPC Shopping Centre evolved to a more family oriented and community shopping centre. It is connected to its neighbours such as The Curve, eCurve and of course IKEA, to strengthen Mutiara Damansara Commercial Centre as the premier destination for shopping, dining and meeting with family and friends. In short, you can spend the whole day in IPC Shopping Centre and the surrounding nearby centres.

Let us share our experiences with the new IPC Shopping Centre. We visited many redeveloped shopping centres in Malaysia and most of them were not as impressive, except IPC Shopping Centre.

ipc shopping centre kids entrance

From the entrance, they created a dedicated entrance for children. We have visited many shopping centres around the world but this is our first time seeing a dedicated entrance for children and our boys loved it. We showed it in the video we shared and you can see how the children are playing with each other.

When it comes to visiting the shopping centre, everyone wants to know more about the retail shops and also the dining outlets. IPC Shopping Centre offers 145 stores including new, extended and refreshed F&B concepts, fashion and beauty retailers, and lifestyle outlets. The shopping centre sees 46% of returning tenants, such as Harvey Norman, Popular Bookstore, Padini, Brands Outlet, Spotlight and Ace Hardware. New tenants include Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G.), Family Mart, IKEA Café, Watsons, Cotton On, LC Waikiki, and Skechers’ largest flagship store in Southeast Asia.

ipc shopping centre big

For your convenience, you can check out the IPC Shopping Centre Store Guide to see all the retail outlets as well as food outlets.

IPC Shopping Centre Store Guide


Absolute Thai G.20

Ace Hardware L1.02

Aeon Wellness LG1.17 & 18

Ah Cheng Laksa LG1.27

All IT Hypermarket L1.05

Alphamax LG1.39

Ambient Living L1.11 & 12


B.I.G. Independent Grocer LG1.19 & 20

Balloon Buzz LG1.37

BBQ King (Coming Soon) LG1.23

BLOKKE (Coming Soon) L2.09 &10

Boat Noodle LG1.12

Boost Juice Bars LG1.15

Brands Outlet G.03a

Bread Story LG1.23a

Bucket B Café (Coming Soon) L2.11, 12 & 13


CARS International LG2.CP1

Cotton On G.02

Coway L1.K06

Crocs G.13

Cuckoo (Coming Soon) L1.K02


De Irrfan’s Café LG1.33a

Dome Café G.16


Eat Drink Thai Express LG1.35a

ED Eight Days Salon L1.23 & 23a

Empire Sushi LG1.31

Eubiq L1.K05


Family Mart LG1.11

Famous Amos LG1.16

Fitness Concept L1.25 & 26

Focus Point G.12

Fruits & Nuts LG1.29


H&M G.01

Hair Zone Studio by Micheal Poh L2.23

Hairdepot Loft LG1.38

Halasuria Money Changer LG1.03

Hana Japanese Dining G.23a

Hanna Medispa Damansara L2.23a

Harvey Norman L1.10

Harvey Norman L2.07

Hebe LG1.03a

House of Presentation L1.07


I Do Flower LG1.02

I Love Yoo! LG1.10

I-Alter LG2.03a

Ichiban Ramen L1.16


IZ Jeruk LG1.36a


Jurlique G.18


King Koil L1.08

King Living L1.06

Kitchen Shop LG1.21 & 22

Kluang Station L1.18

Koong Woh Tong LG1.13a

Kuu by Tea Garden LG1.28


Laksaamana LG1.35

LC Waikiki G.05 & 08

Leleh LG1.08

Love It L1.22


Magnum Café G.17

Maxis L1.12a & 12b

Mister Minit LG2.06

MyeongDong Topokki LG1.32 LG1.06


Nando’s G.19

Natural Home Deco LG1.01

Niki Cains Home L1.03a

Noodle Shack LG1.26


O.W.L L1.K08

Optik Peakvision LG1.40

Oyster King & Hot Wings LG1.07


Padini G.03a

Paradise Dynasty G.21 & 22

Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul LG1.25

Popular L2.03


Quick Cut LG1.05


Scoopy Loopy (Coming Soon) L2.KO1

Seazone L1.K07

Second Cup (Coming Soon) G.29

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks LG1.09

Simply Chicken LG1.33

Sisters Crispy Popiah LG1.30

Skechers G.13a & 15

Spotlight L2.02

Starbucks Coffee G.28

Suki-Ya L1.17

Sumptuous Desserts L2.K03a


The Pet Safari L2.08

Thule LG2.01 & 02

Toys “R” Us L2.06

Tsen Lighting (Coming Soon) L1.13


Uncle Lim’s Café LG1.13

Urban Write L2.03a


Varnah Voguish L1.20


Wafflelicious L2.15

Wah Chan Gold & Jewellery G.10

Watson’s G.11

Wendy’s L1.13a


Yan Woh Tong LG1.36

Young Chefs Academy (Coming Soon) L2.18

Yubiso (Coming Soon) L1.03

What is a family friendly shopping centre? Since we are parents with two young boys, we always look for shopping centre that is spacious and facilities like family / baby room and playground. Children tend to run around and you don’t want them to run around in a packed shopping centre.

ipc shopping centre kids bathroom

There are many shopping centres in Klang Valley and only a few of them are family friendly. When you have a baby or toddler, you always need a family-friendly room to change diaper or for mothers to breastfeed. Sadly, most of the shopping centres offer one family-friendly room for the entire shopping centre. For IPC Shopping Centre, they offer a few family-friendly room and also baby toilet for children.

What to eat in IPC Shopping Centre?

In our opinion, food is one of the main reasons for us to visit a shopping centre. The new IPC Shopping Centre houses the restaurants on the Ground Floor and Lower Ground Floor so it is more organised. Their new food court is called ‘Foodland’ and you can many find many food stalls there from Korean to local cuisines.

ipc shopping centre nandos

For the restaurants, there are new and familiar names such as Hana Japanese Dining, Paradise Dynasty, Suki-Ya, Ichiban Ramen and Magnum Café. Shoppers will also be thrilled to see returning local favourites – Kluang Station, Uncle Lim, Absolute Thai, Noodle Shack, Nando’s, Starbucks and Dome.

Another interesting note is IPC Shopping Centre houses the first IKEA Café in Malaysia. The IKEA Café offers good quality coffee and snacks with IKEA pricing. You can read our review here.

IPC Shopping Centre also continues its efforts to better care for the environment with an upgraded Recycling & Buy Back Centre and newly installed solar panels that will contribute to ambitious annual energy saving targets.

ipc shopping centre recycling

IPC Shopping Centre is also currently in the process of obtaining official green building certification from Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED Gold).

ipc shopping centre playground

There is also a Funland on the second floor dedicated for the children. The Funland is free of charge and parents can rest here while the children can play at the playground. This is a pitstop for parents to rest and also a fun time for the children to play in the playground.

Overall, we were impressed by the new IPC Shopping Centre. It is a great place for family especially family with young children. We love the new facilities dedicated for family such as children entrance, family parking spaces and also the spacious walkways and free playground.

ipc shopping centre parking

If you plan to visit IPC Shopping Centre for Chinese New year, you will be greeted by ‘A Tale of Great Fortune’ themed Chinese New Year celebration with colourful decorations around the shopping centre. Shoppers will be treated to a month filled with exciting giveaways and activities such as traditional lion dance, crafts activities for kids, traditional Chinese art workshops, and Chinese orchestra performances.

For more information on IPC Shopping Centre, you can visit their website at or download their Free APP (IPC Shopping Centre) at Google Play Store  or Apple App Store .

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