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Madras Lane Yong Tau Fu Chinatown Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Madras Lane Yong Tau Fu Chinatown Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

madras lane yong tau fu

Whenever I have overseas friends coming down to Kuala Lumpur, I will bring them to ‘Madras Lane’ or Penjaja Gallery Jalan Tun H.S. Lee near Petaling Street or Chinatown. They can have some local food, I mean the real local food and they can do a walkabout in Chinatown or visit the Central Market later. Maybe I can be a food guide in the future, who knows.

We love this place, Madras Lane Yong Tau fu and we blogged twice already. The first time in 2013 and second time in 2015 and this is our third time in 2018. They were selling a piece of yong tau fu for RM 1.00 in 2013, RM 1.20 in 2015 and RM 1.40 in 2018.

It is still packed as usual during lunch time. You need to be fast to get a seat and then queue for the food. Remember where you seat as competition is tough in Madras Lane. Some tables can’t order some food in other stalls. Make sure you are seating at the right table!

madras lane yong tau fu price

Depending on the crowd, most of the time you have to queue up. Pick your yong tau fu and they will prepare it for you and you take it yourself. It is self service now.

madras lane yong tau fu seller

They have fish ball, fried fish ball, bitter gourd, brinjal, chili, ladies fingers, taufu pok, tofu, fried fu chok and fried dumpling. They will give you two sauces, the sweet sauce and the chili sauce.

madras lane yong tau fu chinatow

It terms of taste, the food is still good and tasty. The consistency is still there. Fried food is hard to go wrong but consistency is important.

It is worth the queue and the wait for Madras Lane Yong Tau Fu. Is RM 1.40 per piece is expensive? It is not compare to many other overrated yong tau fu restaurants in Klang Valley.

chinatown danbi woo
That’s me with my Korean friend.

You will see me bringing my overseas friends eating here sometimes. It is still worth the visit for a good meal of yong tau fu. Parking is next to it so its really convenient. I will usually walk to Chinatown for the famous soya bean stall for a glass of soya bean and a bowl of tau fu far.

Madras Lane Yong Tau Fu Petaling Street Address and GPS:

Jalan Bandar 22 off Jalan Petaling

GPS: 3.143497, 101.697314



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