February 1, 2023

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First Full Dining Experience in Cinema

Do you the dilemma of what to eat before you want to watch a movie? You prefer to have proper meals rather than eating snacks? Well, now you can full dining in cinema made possible by TGV Indulge.

TGV Indulge private lounge.

TGV Indulge is all about exclusivity without burning a hole in the wallet. Currently, they are located in One Utama Shopping Mall. It comes with a private lounge, full dining restaurant and two exclusive cinema halls.

Cozy and luxurious cinema hall in TGV Indulge.

For their cinema halls, they offer reclining individual or couple seats with comforter blankets and personalised call waiter services (it is similar to butler services). The comforter blankets will sent to laundry after every single use. Each cinema hall can accommodate 32 to 40 guests so this is all about luxury, style and exclusivity. There will be more TGV Indulge outlets coming soon and the latest will be at Sunway Velocity in Cheras scheduled to open soon.

Comforter Blanket in TGV Indulge

The reason we enjoyed visiting TGV Indulge is the privacy, the comfort and the service. You can relax at the private lounge at their cozy sofas and chairs. The beauty is there are limited seats in each cinema halls in TGV Indulge so you can watch the movies in comfort.

TGV Indulge Dining Hall

For dining, TGV Indulge offers pork free western cuisine with starters, main courses and desserts. For drinks, they offer tea, coffee, juices, frappes, mocktails and bottled beers.

Wild Mushroom Soup

For starters, we ordered the Wild Mushroom Soup. Their version of wild mushroom soup comes with gruyere cheese coated crouton. Their version of wild mushroom soup is thick, savoury and tasty. They cooked the mushroom soup from fresh and this is not the can type of mushroom soup. We enjoyed the texture of the soup and it complements well with the gruyere cheese coated crouton. If you are looking for a good mushroom soup, you can find it in TGV Indulge.

Fried Yam Sticks.

Fried Yam Sticks. This is a very interesting snack. There is a traditional Chinese dessert using yam sticks but it is caramelised. For TGV Indulge, their yam sticks are tempura style. The yam sticks are reasonably size, crunchy on the outer layer and maintain its soft texture. It complements well with the chili padi sauce. The taste is quite enjoyable and you can have the yam stick without the spicy sauce.

Braised Lamb Shank

It is hard to imagine you can find Braised Lamb Shank in the cinema. Their version of lamb shank served with sautéed vegetables, wild mushroom, jus and gremolata. The lamb shank didn’t disappoint us at all. It is reasonably sized, love the sauce and the sautéed vegetables are bonus. The texture of the meat is soft and tender and this is so addictive. If you are a lamb shank lover, you should visit TGV Indulge to taste this.

Broiled Salmon Kabayaki

Broiled Salmon Kabayaki with asparagus, garlic mashed potato and sautéed mushroom. The salmon is juicy with its crispy skin, the garlic mashed potato is tasty and this is as good as it looks. Overall, we enjoyed this salmon dish.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

For desserts, we ordered their signature Flourless Chocolate Cake. As we mentioned earlier, you can dine in the cinema hall so we had the dessert while watching the movie. The flourless chocolate cake comes in bite sizes with cream, vanilla ice cream, coulis and tuille. The taste of the cake is rich with chocolate and the portion is good for two persons.

Dining in the cinema.

Overall, we are very impressed by the food, service, comfort and the style of TGV Indulge. We have been a regular customer here as we prefer the exclusivity and privacy. This is not the first time we dined in TGV Indulge and the quality and taste of the food here has been very consistent. Thus, TGV Indulge is also an ideal place for corporate events that looks for style and exclusivity. We are looking forward for more movie sessions in TGV Indulge and do say hi if you bumped to us.

Enjoying the movie with comfort and style with their full reclining seat and comforter blanket.

For more info, visit http://www.tgv.com.my/cinemas/halls/indulge.html or you can call them at 03 – 7722 2590 and email at [email protected]



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