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Burger and Lobster at SkyAvenue Genting Highlands Review

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Burger and Lobster at SkyAvenue Genting Highlands Review 

Remember our promise of a proper review for Burger and Lobster at SkyAvene in Genting Highlands. Well, instead of we doing the review, our celebrity friend, Mynn Lee will do a guest post on this. She is currently blogged at www.shewalkstheworld.com, a cool travel blog and this is her review.

burger and lobster


Who doesn’t love a combination of burgers, and lobsters? I was excited when I heard that the popular Burger and Lobster was making its way to our shores, and even more excited when I found out I was going to have a chance to dine here. Founded in 2011 in the UK, and after opening several chains in London and around the world, they are finally here in Asia!

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I like that despite serving premium food like the lobster; the restaurant practices a laid-back atmosphere, where family and friends can gather for a casual get-together. It is the same here in Malaysia. Burger and Lobster Malaysia is located on the first floor of Genting’s new mall, SkyAvenue.


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Burger and Lobster currently has a 150-person capacity; but once the new Twentieth Century Fox World theme park opens, it will not only offer views of the park, but also alfresco seating (despite not having a terrace), and more spaces for up to 170 diners.


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During my visit, the line was extremely long and snaking pass the corner, and all the way down the new mall. Everyone was queueing up just to try the delicious fresh lobsters, specially flown in from Nova Scotia, Canada; as well as the burgers made with 100 percent Australian beef (the other chains use beef from Nebraska, USA).

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The interior of Burger and Lobster is casual, with mellow lighting and up-tempo songs to sing along to; creating a fun dining atmosphere. I love the cheery murals on the walls, as well as the feature wall with replicas of traditional lobster crates. We were seated in a dining booth; but there are also dining banquettes available for bigger groups.

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And now the food! Here’s the menu with the prices of the dishes. It’s divided into Genting members and non-members prices. There’s also a menu in Chinese.

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Let’s start with the burgers. There are three types of burgers available – The Mayfair is the entry-level 168 grams burger; the Original has 224 grams of patty; and of course, I had to order the B&L, which combines a 224 gram burger with lobster meat. The B&L burger is served with salad and fries; and is topped with beef bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and a secret sauce. I have to specially mention the charcoal baked sesame seed brioche bun – it just added that extra uhmmp! to the already amazing burger. I could almost taste that light hint of charcoal! And because it was so good… we ended up ordering one more.

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The lobsters come in three styles – the Original, the Big Boy and the Chili Lobster. The Chili Lobster recipe is specially designed for the Burger and Lobster chain here in Malaysia, to suit the local Asian taste (we just love our spices, don’t we?). And I loved it! The lobster is served in a claypot, and the chili is semi-thick, with a sweet and savory taste. It isn’t too spicy. The dish comes with buns for us to lap up all those extra sauce.

Pic 14


The Big Boy style is for extra large lobsters; but unfortunately was not available for us to try. However, my favorite style has got to be the Original steamed lobster with lemon and garlic butter. It’s the best way to truly taste the sweetness of the lobster and all its juicy meat. I could tell it was extremely fresh from how the flesh just slid off the shell. The dish can also be grilled.

Pic 15

And if you’re lazy to put on the plastic bib and go all barbaric with your hands; you can always opt for the lobster rolls. The rolls are filled with fresh chunks of lobster meat, and comes in 3 different styles – Chilli (same as the Chili lobster), the Original and the Seven Samurai, with its 7 spices sauce. I tried the latter – and especially loved that the entire roll was packed up with loads of lobster, and the toasted brioche roll was yummy too.

Pic 16

I definitely must mention the drinks. We decided to order the Genting Opulence to share amongst 2-4 people; and it comes in an elevated container with 4 baby taps. How cute! It is an alcoholic drink that has gin, raspberry liquer, pineapple, basil and ginger in it.

Pic 17

Another signature drink has got to be the Time Keeper, a classic Malaysian drink served ‘ikat-tepi’ style (tied with raffia string at the side of a plastic bag). It’s actually a fancy schmancy name for the Teh-o-Ais Limau; and it costs RM24 here.


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And finally, if burgers and lobsters are still not enough to fill your tummy – there is dessert. There are 4 choices to choose from; durian tempura, crème brulee, banana mousse and ice cream. They cost about RM28 per dish for non-members.

Pic 19

I had a fantastic meal at Burger and Lobster. I have to say that it’s living up to the hype that it’s currently causing. I have yet to try the original restaurant in London, but if the one here in Malaysian is anything like it –- it is a definite must-visit the next time I’m in the UK. My meal of burgers and lobsters is definitely one of the best meals I’ve had… uhmmm, this year?

Thank you Mynn Lee for the amazing review, can’t wait to travel with you again. Remember to check out her cool travel blog at www.shewalkstheworld.com




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  1. Nice review Wilson! It wasn’t open yet when I was at Genting last week. Hopefully I will get to try them out someday, the B&L with charcoal bun looks really good 🙂

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