May 19, 2022

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Zira Spa Luxurious Lanna Colonial Spa at Affordable Price in Chiang Mai

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Zira Spa Luxurious Lanna Colonial Spa at Affordable Price in Chiang Mai

We love to travel to Chiang Mai. The cooling weather during the ‘winter season’ (November until February) or for the Loy Krathong Festival or Ching Yi Festival. There are plenty of good food and places to shop. When it comes to spa, there is one we highly recommend. Zira Spa, the Lanna Colonial Style Spa located in the middle of the Chiang Mai old town.

zira spa chiang mai
Zira Spa in Chiang Mai

The first impression of Zira Spa is luxurious. The building is painted in white with architectural design inspired by Lanna style. We checked out their promotional packages and it is surprising affordable so we went into to check it out.

zira spa architecture
The beautiful architecture of Zira Spa in Chiang Mai

The spa is located at 8/1 Rajvithi Rd, a stone throw away from the popular The Phae Gate (the main gate) in Chiang Mai old town. We were told that it is the largest spa in Chiang Mai. The award winning spa can accommodates up to 60 guests at once and the beauty is all of the rooms are private rooms.

What is Lanna Colonial Style Spa?

zira spa reflection
Zira Spa in Chiang Mai
zira spa princess dara rasmi
Lanna Princess Dara Rasmi

The Thai Lanna Massage has been passed on generation to generation, and exclusively pure mineral bath with special herbs. The Thai Lanna is often referred as Northern Thai people. The Lanna Kingdom was merged with Siam Kingdom as the last princess of Lanna Kingdom, Princess Dara Rasmi married to King Rama V of Siam, King Chulalongkorn. Siam is known as Thailand in 1949. Thus, the Thai Lanna Massage is a unique massage mostly available in Northern Thailand.

zira spa reception
The reception

We got to know this spa by a local friend. Zira Spa has been around for a few years and it is very popular with the locals and the tourists too. The spa opens from 10 am to 10 pm. The beauty of this spa is all of their rooms comes with private jacuzzi. For spa packages of more than three and half hours, you can use the jacuzzi facilities for free (30 min).

zira spa welcome drink
Welcome drink and fruits with towel and drink

After we chose our package, consists of two hours of Lanna Colonial style massage, facial massage, body scrub and free 30 min of Jacuzzi. The total, we spent four hours at Zira Spa so please do plan your time properly if you want to enjoy the spa facilities.

zira spa chiang mai mineral oil
Zira Spa Mineral Oils

We started off the spa session by choosing the mineral oil for Lanna Colonial style massage. There are five different types of mineral oil to pick so it is up to your preferences. We love the scents of the mineral oils, they are not too strong and soothing for spa session. After choosing the mineral oil, we move to the next session.

zira spa leg
Feet Scrubbing session

First is the feet scrubbing which is a common practise for spa in Thailand. Why they clean your feet? The masseuse going to massage your feet so clean it, it is more hygienic.

They have a few different types of private rooms and all of them comes with the jacuzzi. To us, it is more the less and it depends on individuals and room availability. Most important of all, the rooms are spacious and clean. Hygiene is very important for spas.

zira spa red room
Private room with jacuzzi (not in picture) in red

After we ushered to our spa room, we went for a quick shower and changed to the spa’s attire. Then, it was the start of the four hours of spa treatment.

zira spa private room blue
Private spa room with jacuzzi

The first was the facial massage. Please take note that this is not a facial treatment, this is a facial massage. The facial massage was very relaxing and soothing. The facial massage was around 20 – 30 minutes if not mistaken and next will be the Thai massage.

zira spa basin
Beautiful painted washing bowl.

It is a two hours Thai massage with the use of mineral oil. The oil comes with a soothing scent which is not too strong and we slept throughout the massage session. Depending on individual, the masseuse can adjust the strength of the massage. We prefer to have a relaxing massage on our holiday.

The scrub massage is after the Thai massage. The session didn’t feel long when it is relaxing. After the scrub massage, we went for a quick shower before the thirty minutes of jacuzzi session.

The masseuse will prepare the jacuzzi for you and you can chill and relax in this family size jacuzzi for thirty minutes (or more depending on spa packages). A quick shower again after the jacuzzi session.

zira spa building night
Zira Spa at night in Chiang Mai Old Town.

Overall, the spa experience in Zira Spa is outstanding. For the spa package we paid (it is seasonal so please check on their latest promo), it is worth every penny we spent. This is luxury spa in affordable pricing and if you are visiting Chiang Mai, this is a must place to visit. You are paying the service of a six star hotel service with a boutique hotel pricing, what else do you want? We will indefinitely go back there again when we visit Chiang Mai next time.

For more information, visit their website at

Zira Spa Chiang Mai Address:

8/1 Rajvithi Rd., Sripoom, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Phone: +66 53 222 288


GPS: 18.790517, 98.992871 

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