December 2, 2023


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Did Donald Trump Signs Visa Free Policy for Asia?

If you read a news about Donald Trump signs a visa free travel policy for Asia from a website called Oh well, that is a fake news folk. On top of that, that website has many pop-up ads and probably malwares too so don’t bother going in.

new NY statue of liberty
That’s the picture of Statue of Liberty we took during our last visit to New York


The story of Donald Trump abandoned the Trans-Pacific Partnership (with many Asia countries) is real though.

We know there are talks of getting the VISA waiver for Malaysia for years but that was during Obama’s administration. Now, with Donald Trump as the new US president, it is still unclear whether the VISA waiver for Malaysians will be a reality. We just have to wait and see.

For the news that AirAsiaX is flying to US, that is a real news and you can read about it HERE.

Did Donald Trump Signs Visa Free Policy for Asia?

The answer is NO and it is a fake news. Just go to the American embassy and apply the VISA, it is not that hard.


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