June 3, 2023

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How much to replace Samsung S7 Edge & S6 Edge Cracked Screen in Malaysia

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How much to replace Samsung S7 Edge & S6 Edge Cracked Screen in Malaysia

We have been using the Samsung S6 Edge since Samsung Malaysia gave it to us in 2015. It is the best phone at that time and we have no complains for the camera. It is one of the best Samsung phones ever produced if you asked us.

Our Samsung S6 Edge endured many falls and drops, probably more than 100 times. We dropped it in many places and sometimes my big boy use the phone to throw tantrum and threw it away. The phone survived too many falls and drops until recently.

We accidentally dropped the phone flat on the floor and we knew phone’s screen will crack. We knew if we drop the phone screen flat down to the floor, it will crack. If the phone hit the side or in a different angle, it will most likely survive for Samsung S6 Edge. The Samsung S6 Edge screen is one of the toughest phone screens in the market today. It is even tougher than Samsung S7 Edge (based on the comments from our followers and friends).

Even though the screen is cracked, we are still able to use the phone. For Samsung S6 Edge, to replace the screen (depending on cases) is around RM 860 including GST in Malaysia. The cracked screen didn’t damage the LCD screen so this is the basic cost.

For Samsung S7 Edge, to replace the cracked screen, it is around RM 1100++ to RM 1200++ including GST in Malaysia. The pricing is based on Dec 2016.

For the best Samsung Service Centre, we recommend the one in The Gardens Mid Valley. To replace the cracked screen of Samsung S6 Edge or Samsung S7 Edge, please call them in advance for stock. Depending on cases, the replace screen will take around one to two hours only.

We hope this will help for those who just cracked your Samsung S6 Edge or S7 Edge screen. Thank you for reading.

Samsung Service Centre The Gardens Address and Contact:

T-242A & T-243, 3rd Floor
Tel: 03-2202 3822

1 thought on “How much to replace Samsung S7 Edge & S6 Edge Cracked Screen in Malaysia

  1. Great post! It’s always a difficult moment when you crack the screen of your smartphone. Smartphones hold most of your life and aren’t exactly the cheapest things. I recently cracked my phone and had to take it to a local repair shop. Thanks for sharing.

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