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Social Media + Bloggers Community Facebook Group Rules

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Social Media + Bloggers Community Facebook Group Rules (Updated 10/11/17)

When I started the Social Media + Bloggers Community Facebook Group, my intention is to create a group where Bloggers and Social Media Influencers can interact and chat. As the group grows, it has become more like a group to look for bloggers, Instagrammers and social media influencers. So we decided to make this group as a place for marketers to find influencers. All job postings will be reviewed and charged.
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It has 29k members now and growing and so I will set a few simple rules for this group.

Social Media + Bloggers Community Facebook Group Rules

  1. If you are looking at influencers, you can need to message or drop me an email at placesandfoods[@]gmail.com or message me on my personal Facebook account.
  2. Job postings are FREE but there are a few criteria. The sponsored amount for influencers in value must be RM 100 and above. If the product is lesser than RM 100, then you will top up the remaining with cash. This is for petrol expenses, time and parking fees for the influencers.
  3. For all the job postings without any value to influencers will be DELETED.
  4. Postings from members will be resumed but it will be moderated by moderators and admins.
  5. All the follow to follow or comment exchange posts will be DELETED.
  6. Giveaways posts are allowed and it will be moderated to approve.

I got many comments on the change of rules previously and as promised I will change it for better for the members.

I know that there are many people getting many jobs or products or review on my group. I am happy for you guys as this is still our intention for start. However, please do support the admin who started the group for you guys to get your freebies and jobs for free. You can follow me on my Facebook Page, my Instagram, my Youtube Channel and my other group which is My Thai Club (a group dedicated to news and stories for Thailand).

I hope this will be a great year for everyone and thank you for supporting Social Media + Bloggers Community Facebook Group. You can always contact me at placesandfoods[@]gmail.com

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  1. I am blogger who write in Mandarin. Appreciate that you create this group and indirectly provide more exposure for Mandarin blogger.
    Wish all of us work up the BEST in Year 2017

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