December 8, 2023


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AirAsia X ends Mauritius Route in March 2017

For your information, AirAsia X will end the KL to Mauritius route next month. The last flight from Kuala Lumpur to Mauritius flight will be operated on 24th March and Mauritius to Kuala Lumpur will be on 25th March. This is not a rumour story as this is announced on


Air Asia X said, the suspension of the Mauritius route is part of the company’s big plan in network restructuring aimed at improving operational efficiencies in term of aircraft utilizations.

“It is also to accelerate capacity growth in AirAsia X key markets of Australia, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea,” said the low cost carrier.

There is an interesting note. We could not find any announcements by AirAsia regarding the termination of Mauritius route on their website or their Facebook Page. We checked and it stated that the last flight from Mauritius is indeed on 25th of March 2017.

Well, for those who wants to fly to Mauritius, you can try flying via Air Mauritius as they start to fly to Kuala Lumpur again as they stopped flying to Malaysia last year.

AirAsia X stops flying to Mauritius while Air Mauritius starts flying to Malaysia again. What a coincidence.


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