March 22, 2023

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TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity – The Luxury Lifestyle Cinema in KL

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TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity – The Luxury Lifestyle Cinema in KL

Are you looking for a luxury lifestyle cinema in Kuala Lumpur? Well, there is a new TGV Indulge located at the new Sunway Velocity Shopping Mall in Cheras. It is only 10 minutes away from the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur.

The entrance of TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity

What is TGV Indulge?

TGV Indulge is a luxury lifestyle cinema by TGV. There are two TGV Indulge outlets, the first one is in 1 Utama Shopping Mall and the latest outlet is in Sunway Velocity.

TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity dining hall and lounge

TGV Indulge offers full dining service in cinema. This is first of its kind in Malaysia. We are not talking about popcorns, hot dogs or snacks, TGV Indulge offers full dining menu. You can find entrée, main, dessert, snacks and drinks. There is a proper kitchen with the chef and his team in TGV Indulge. The food is cooked fresh and not pre-cooked from central kitchen. Thus, it is table booking dining experience with well-trained waiters and waitresses.

TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity cinema hall
TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity cinema hall from bottom view
TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity full reclining seat controller
TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity cinema seat with food ordering tablet and comforter blanket

For their cinema halls, each cinema hall can accommodate 32 to 40 guests. For TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity, the seats all reclining individual seats with comforter blankets and tablet to order food. All the comforter blankets are cleaned and the staffs will change it after every show.

We are frequent patron of TGV Indulge and you can sometimes spot us in TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity. What we like about TGV Indulge is their food (we are not kidding) and also their exclusivity at a reasonable price. Many people always turn up late for movies and instead of queuing up for popcorns and snacks, you can have proper food in TGV Indulge either at the dining hall or in the cinema hall. This is one of the beauty of TGV Indulge.

Check out the video of the appetizer, Smoked Melon Salad. The taste of this melon salad is very refreshing. The smoke effect is epic!

TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity Pasta Linguini Seafood Aglio Olio

Linguini Seafood Aglio Olio comes with generous amount of prawns. We love the taste and the texture of the pasta. It is not oily and this is as good as it looks. This is a must for pasta lovers.

TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity Broiled Salmon Kabayaki

Can you imagine a cinema offers Broiled Salmon Kabayaki? This is the reason why we love to go to TGV Indulge. You can have proper food before watching a movie. The salmon is cooked to perfection and it complements well with the mashed potatoes. This is lovely.

Please take note that TGV Indulge food menu for TGV Indulge 1 Utama and TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity is different. There are more food choices in TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity for now.

If you are looking for luxury lifestyle movie experience with good food in KL, you should visit TGV Indulge in Sunway Velocity. This is the coolest and probably the best cinema in Malaysia right now. For more information, you can visit their website at 

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