December 7, 2023


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Why We Bring Our Family to watch House of Dancing Water in Macau?

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Why We Bring Our Family to watch House of Dancing Water in Macau?

What is the number one thing to do in Macau? Many people will say to visit Ruins of St. Paul but for us, you must watch House of Dancing Water in Macau. Get the tickets online at discounted price with

house of dancing water sinking pavilion
A pavilion emerged from the stage

What is House of Dancing Water?

The title of the show is quite ‘catchy’ and yet misleading. How can water be dancing? The show is a world class production worth US$250 million dollars and it is exclusive to Macau. You can’t find similar show on this planet and only in Macau. This is the world’s largest and most spectacular water based show and it is located in the City of Dreams Macau.

So Why We Bring Our Family to Watch House of Dancing Water in Macau?

When we told our parents that we are going to watch House of Dancing Water and it costs around RM 360 (the cheapest seat) for one person, they were reluctant to watch. Why you want to waste that money to watch some show my parents asked.

house of dancing water mid way fighting
Performers holding the cage and ‘fighting’

After the 90 minute, they were impressed by the show. In fact, they encourage their friends to watch the show in Macau.

house of dancing water jumping mid
The stage transformed to a lake

The House of Dancing Water offers non-stop 90 minutes of action, comedy, fight, romantic and out of the world show. The stage can transform to a lake and a ship can emerge from the stage. Thus, you have performers diving down the ‘lake’ from as high as over 30 metres. Not forgetting the different backdrops and also the sound and lighting effects. The show involves dozens of professional performers doing high risk stunts to wow the crowd.

house of dancing water bike jump
Motorcycle stunts? You have to watch to understand it

Since we watched the show for a few times, even the cheapest seats will give you the excitement and thrill. For the first few rows, you will easily get wet from the splashes of the water.

house of dancing water girl solo

There is no interval in between the show so visit the toilets before you watch the show. Photography is allowed without flash. There are staffs everywhere and they can assist you if you need any assistance.

house of dancing water single kick
A fight scene on the stage.

The House of Dancing Water show is ideal for everyone including children. This is the number one show you must watch when you are in Macau. There are special rates for children and senior citizens. For more information, you can visit

shrekfast madagascar king family
Visiting Macau with our parents at Shrekfast!

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