February 24, 2024


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Chatime Malaysia Under Loob Holding Rebranded as Tea Live

Remember, we wrote about Chatime Malaysia Franchise Contract Terminated and Bryan Loo Seeks Legal Advice and also All Chatime Malaysia Outlets to close in March? Bryan Loo had limited time to create his brand and today he launched Tea Live. The brand name is called Tea Live and the tag line is called Tea is our Life.

tea life

We all know there are 165 Chatime outlets under Loob Holding and will all of them to be converted to Tea Live?

tea life launch

The launch of Tea Live today and picture is from Facebook. 

Many out there are still not aware of the Chatime Malaysia contract issue and are they willing to accept Tea Live as their preferred brand? Please take note that it will be new taste and new pricing. Tea Live could be cheaper (we are not sure) but for tea tasting will the loyal Chatime customers will to adapt to new taste?

Chatime might enter the Malaysian market by their own or appoint a new Malaysian company and there could be Chatime Malaysia vs. Tea Live in the future.

The consumer market in Malaysia is soft right now and many other bubble tea brands out there are not visible anymore. Can Tea Live repeat the success of Chatime Malaysia under Loob Holding?

Well, we just have to wait and see. Congratulations Tea Live and we will come and taste the tea one day. You can find more info at http://www.teaisourlife.com/

Good bye Chatime Malaysia (for now) and hello Tea Live.

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  1. Please let me know that my present chatime voucher still valid to use as u changed to teatime?

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