June 6, 2023

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Famous Penang Food at MakeMake Café in Penang Design Village

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Famous Penang Food at MakeMake Café in Penang Design Village

Penang Design Village Outlet Mall is the one and only Premium Outlet located at the northern region of Peninsula Malaysia. They strategically located in Bandar Cassia which is near the 2nd Penang Bridge and also next to AVC (Aspen Vision City). IKEA is expected to open in AVC next year.

MakeMake Café in Penang Design Village

From the Penang International Airport to Penang Design Village, it takes around 40 minutes by car. If you order Uber, it will be around RM 30++. Thus, if you have free time in Penang before you depart from Penang International Airport, Penang Design Village is the place you can visit for last minute shopping.

The architecture and design is similar to some of the Premium Outlets we visited around the world. It is the outdoor concept and it is similar to Bicester Village in Oxford, La Vallee Village in Paris and Hua Hin Premium Outlet in Thailand.

Penang Design Village

Since this is a premium outlet, most retail stores offer huge discounts on items so you can shop till you drop. With the high exchange rates to Ringgit, it is cheaper to shop in Malaysia right now.

Now, where to eat in Penang Design Village? Penang is world famous for its local street food and what if there is a restaurant in Penang Design Village offers most of the famous Penang food under one roof?

MakeMake Café in Penang Design Village

The restaurant is called MakeMake Café and they offer famous Penang and Malaysian food. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned, spacious and comfortable. We love how they decorated the ceiling with greens to add some colours to the interior of the restaurant.

A quick glance of their menu, they offer many popular Penang and Malaysian food such as nasi lemak, curry noodle, prawn noodles, assam laksa, mee rebus, nasi bujang, kuey teow soup, loh mee, cendol, ice kacang and more.

They are still new and we hope they can bring in char kuey teow one day. Since we took a video of the food tasting, you can watch the video.

Curry noodles

For curry noodle, this is the Penang version of curry noodle so it is different than the ones in Kuala Lumpur. The taste of the curry is subtle and you need to balance it with the chili. It depends on your preferences of spiciness so you can actually add the chili to your preference. Overall the taste is okay with slices of cuttlefish, long beans, taufu skin and taufu pok.

Prawn noodles

For the prawn noodles, the taste of the broth is subtle but it is well balance once you mix it up with the chili paste. It comes with generous amount of large and small size prawns. The fried shallots add the flavour to the noodle and we enjoyed this very much.

Nasi Lemak with fried chicken

We ordered the Nasi Lemak with fried chicken. To our surprise, it comes with two pieces of fried chicken and papadom cracker. Most notable is the missing peanuts (maybe they ran out of stock) and the usual sliced boiled egg, cucumber and fried anchovies. The coconut rice is slightly soft but never lack of the taste. We love the crunchiness of their fried anchovies and also the taste of their chili sambal. The fried chicken comes with crispy skin and the juicy tender meat, this is so addictive. Thus, we find the price of the nasi lemak is very reasonable and you can’t a nasi lemak with two fried chicken in Klang Valley for this price. They also offer plain nasi lemak or with sambal sotong, curry chicken, sambal prawn or with fried prawn fritter. If you have the craving of nasi lemak, you should order this.

Assam laksa

Their assam laksa is the dish you should try. We love the generous amount of prawn paste sauce and it adds the flavour to the dish. Their assam laksa is delightful in taste and we don’t mind having a second plate of it.

Prawn fritters

Their version prawn fritters come with mixed prawn and salted egg yolk. It is crispy on the outside and the surprisingly tasty filling on the inside.

Ais Kacang

The Ais Kacang is a popular Malaysian dessert. Love the sweetness of this and this is very addictive. Since Malaysia is always hot, it is good to have icy cold ais kacang for dessert.

Soo Milo Oreo

For drinks, their Soo Milo Oreo is their signature drink. You probably heard of Milo Dinosaur (iced milo drink topped with Milo powder) but Soo Milo Oreo is the bomb! It is topped with deconstructed Oreo with coconut flakes and the Milo is super ‘kaw’ (thick) in flavour. This is sweetness overload but it is so good!

MakeMake Café is definitely the place to visit for your local food cravings in Penang Design Village. Overall, their food is good and their pricing is reasonable. Where to eat in Penang Design Village? MakeMake Café of course!

For more information, visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/makemakecafe


Make Make Restaurant & Café in Penang Design Village Address:

Lot G25, 733 Jalan Cassia Barat 2, 14110 Batu Kawan, Penang

Website : www.makemakecafe.com


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