March 31, 2023

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Pablo Mini Cheese Tart Ice Bar Ice Cream Is a Must Buy in Japan

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Pablo Mini Cheese Tart Ice Bar Ice Cream Is a Must Buy in Japan

Pablo is huge in Osaka Japan. Long queues can be spotted outside of their branches in Shinsaibashi Osaka. When they opened their first outlet in Malaysia, everyone went crazy. Well, you can read our honest review on their mini cheese tart HERE.

What you should try in Japan is not their cheese tart but their Pablo Mini Cheese Tart Ice Bar Ice Cream. We found this in convenience store Circle K. Thus, we are sure they are available in other major convenience stores such as 7 Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart and others.

Out of curiosity we bought one and it is priced at 172 Yen. Don’t convert if you want to travel. For us it is still reasonable as the other ice cream is priced is at that range.

The first impression is it is a striking yellow bar. The outer layer is the yellow crust and the inner layer is the cheese tart filling. What is interesting is the filling as you can actually taste the texture of the cheese tart. It is a Pablo cheese tart ice cream and the taste is better than the tart in our opinion. This is addictive and we bought the 2nd and 3rd bar after the first one.

If you are in Japan and looking for an ice cream? Pablo Mini Cheese Tart Ice Bar is a must try!

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