May 18, 2024


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KOI Milk Tea Malaysia Preview and Pricing

KOI Milk Tea finally opens in Malaysia today. Located on the Lower Ground Floor of One Utama New Wings, the popular Taiwanese brand milk tea finally step into the Malaysian market. They are very popular in Singapore and it is interesting to see them entering the Malaysian market now.

koi malaysia

We were invited for the soft opening today and we were not impressed. No one had a clue what’s going on as there were no schedule and press releases given. To make it more interesting, we were given only one milk tea to review. For soft opening, they only prepared three flavours out of the entire menu.

koi malaysia menu
KOI offers small and medium sizes only.

We ordered the Golden Bubble Milk Tea with 100% Sugar as recommended. You can only taste the sweetness and not much tea flavour. Probably if they recommend 25% sugar, we can taste the flavour of the tea more. The bubbles are soft and better than its competitor but the whole glass was filled with ice.

koi malaysia golden bubble tea
Golden Bubble Milk Tea. You can actually see the ice cubes filled the entire drink.

We were there in the morning and they only open for the public in the afternoon so we couldn’t review the other two flavours available. With no one informed us what’s going on with the event and the outlet, we have no clues when all the flavours are available for sale.

We hear many positive reviews of KOI milk tea in Singapore but it didn’t impress us at all during today’s soft launch. Our drink was too sweet and filled with ice.

That’s sums up our visit to KOI Milk Tea soft opening today. KOI Milk Tea finally opens in Malaysia and it is not cheap.


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  1. May be this is Malaysia makmak store style version KOI. In SG the milk tea is good. I seriously hope Malaysia KOI don’t spoil the image of KOI. Now day SG Old Town White Coffee is much better the MY version. I got no idea what wrong with it. The sambal is totally suck. Hope this will not happen to KOI.

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