February 6, 2023

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Steaped Tea Malaysia is the Playground for Tea Lovers

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Steaped Tea Malaysia is the Playground for Tea Lovers

Finally, there is a real place for tea lovers. We are talking about real tea with tea leaves and not artificial tea powders. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new kid on the block, Steaped Tea. This is a brand new Malaysian company and concept from popular tea boutique shops in Canada.

A selection of over 50 loose leaf blends at Steaped Tea Malaysia.

Steaped, a brand-new, full-service tea company, shop, and producer with a selection of over 50 loose leaf blends, iced signature tea drinks, and tea retail items like desk top tea mugs, tea pot sets, easy tea makers, and more, this past January officially opened its doors to all residents of Kuala Lumpur intent on exploring the untapped and delicious potential of the worldwide tea market.

We met up with one of the owners, Patrick a Malaysian born but raised and live in Canada. His motive and ideology is to introduce healthy tea drink to Malaysians. When we think about tea, we always associate with sweet milk tea or teh Tarik or Chinese or Japanese tea. What Steaped offers is more than that. They sourced the different type of teas around the world and blend it with flowers, nuts or fruits to form their signature tea leaves. That’s why this is the playground for tea lovers.

Jasmine flowers for their classic series.

When we visited their pop-up store on the 6th floor of Pavilion, we saw dozens of different types of tea leaves available in special tin cans. We went and smell the tea leaves available, we were surprised. This is not something we encountered before. There is technology behind each and every single can of tea leaves so it can fully utilize the full flavour from the ingredients. If you mix and blend the tea leaves, you can have a combination of over 200 flavours!

How is taste of Steaped Tea?

We ordered three cold tea drinks with combination of tea leaves and fruit juices. The fruit juices are not from packets or bottles, everything is prepared fresh. You can watch the video on our tasting review.

The cold tea drinks are very refreshing and we never knew cold tea can be so refreshing and tasty. the best part is it is freshly made and no artificial powder or ingredients. Steaped Tea showed us how tasty tea can be if quality tea leaves and also the technology in producing it.

Not forgetting is the tea latte which is very fragrant and tasty as well. This is different than the ‘matcha’ green tea latte you can find out there and they are probably the first few that introduce the tea latte in Malaysia.

Steaped Tea Malaysia menu.

Even though they just started their business weeks ago, we can see there are loyal customers coming back for more. The price of Steaped Tea could be slightly higher than others but bear in mind, they are using real tea leaves and fresh fruits for their drinks and not artificial powder and flavours.

The cup of Tea Latte in Steaped Tea.

If you are looking for natural tea with an ‘attitude’ and tons of flavours, you should check out Steaped Tea on 6th floor in Pavilion (in front of Kampachi).

Steaped Tea in Pavilion KL

The Steaped Tea Pavilion outlet is their second outlet after their first outlet in Sunway Velocity Mall. They are planning to open up to ten outlets by 2018. For more information, visit their website at http://www.steaped.life/.

Steaped Tea Pavilion Address:

P6.06.00., Level6, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall





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