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Fire and smoke incident in Mid Valley Megamall

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Fire and smoke incident in Mid Valley Megamall

Updated: 31/5/2017 6.30am

For those who are in Mid Valley just now (30th May 2017), there is a small fire on the ground floor according to Twitter user Anith Amila.

Smoke can be seen in certain floors in Mid Valley as the picture were taken by her in Mid Valley. Pictures are used with her permission.

There was an incident where a lady collapsed and there are paramedics on the scene attending to her. We will not post the picture of the injured lady to respect her privacy.

Our friend Grace Oon was there and she took the picture of fire trucks and ambulance at the North Court of Mid Valley. The picture is taken from her Facebook at Grace Onn.

Picture credit from Grace Onn.

There are no more reports of the smoke or fire anymore and we hope the lady is okay.

Statement from Mid Valley Megamall from their Facebook Page.


Swift response from Mid Valley Megamall and the situation under control. No mention on the lady though and we hope she is fine.

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