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Wonder Woman Review: The Best Superhero Movie in DC Universe

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Wonder Woman Review: The Best Superhero Movie in DC Universe

Just watched the Wonder Woman this morning during the press media screening and overall, we loved the movie very much. You won’t be reading any spoiler on this page so don’t worry.


When we say Wonder Woman is the best superhero movie in DC Universe, it is because Gal Gadot carries her character very well. It is like Hugh Jackman for Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool and Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman. It is a perfect match and we can’t think of any other actresses can carry the role of Wonder Woman like Gal Gadot.

For the Wonder Woman movie, it is slow paced like the other DC universe movies but this is not dark. Instead, there are many funny scenes and Gal Gadot carries lots of positive vibes in the movie.

We love the early and middle section of the movie and the ending is typical DC Universe ending. The fighting scenes are pretty good and Gal Gadot shows lots of charisma and character why Wonder Woman really kick ass in this movie.

Of course, there is some connection between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine but most them are funny and awkward situations.

The ending wasn’t as good as we expect it to be but overall this is an enjoyable movie that you don’t mind watching again.

This is Wonder Woman’s story about her origin and her adventure. It is a well deserve movie for her.  Gal Gadot is very charming and attractive as Wonder Woman and after watching this movie, you will love her more. During the fight scenes, she rose up the occasion to become the energetic and fearless Wonder Woman. For the first time this is really a good superhero movie in DC Universe that we adored.

Wonder Woman is a fun, energetic, charming, action and adventure movie. Don’t put high expectation on this and you will enjoy the charming and beautiful Gal Gadot.

justice league
Next up, The Justice League.

Remember this is a PG 13 movie and it runs for 140 minutes. The Wonder Woman will be screened in Malaysia from 1st June 2017.

Is there a post credit scene in Wonder Woman?

Sadly, there won’t be any post credit scene in Wonder Woman. Don’t wait for the post credit scenes, there won’t be any so you can leave the hall after movie ends.


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