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Group of 12 Spent over RM 78,000 for Dinner in KL

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Group of 12 Spent over RM 78,000 for Dinner in KL

Updated: It is for Dinner and not Lunch

When most people are complaining ‘time is bad’ in Malaysia, we start to be more conservative on our spending. Maybe it is tough for the lower and the middle income group but a recent sharing of a dinner bill of over RM 78,000 in KL shows the rich is not affected.

marble 8 lunch bill
That is one expensive dinner!

Just hours ago, someone posted a receipt on a closed Facebook Group showing a receipt of RM78,478.80 including GST and taxes. It didn’t show the name of restaurant but a few people commented it is at Marble 8 (from the GST ID) or Marini 57. Where is Marble 8 or Marini 57? It is at Menara 3 PETRONAS, Persiaran KLCC.

The full receipt of RM 78,478.80.

If you look at the bill carefully, the expensive items are the wine and Cristal Champagne. For the food, the Caviar and the Tomahawk are the expensive items while the rest are still okay.

The bottle of wine cost from RM 13,000 and above per bottle while the Caviar cost RM 1,400 per serving.

The group of 12 spent RM 78,478.80 and each of them is paying RM 6,539.90 per person. That is equivalent of a few month salary of a fresh graduate and it is just for a meal!

There is no mention on what is the occasion of thedinner but for RM 78,478.00, you can get a buy a really good car. So if you think that ‘time is bad’, there are still people having dinner for over RM 78,000.00.

The picture is sourced from Facebook and we are not part of the group of 12. Thank for reading.

0 thoughts on “Group of 12 Spent over RM 78,000 for Dinner in KL

  1. It is MARINI’S ON 57..
    Where else..
    Everything is on Google this days..
    Take advantage of it..

  2. R u serious? 6k+ plus is a freshie salary??? Freshie manage get 3k also wanna cry adi cuz most below 3k

  3. OK…first thing is in the articles it says per person is around RM 6k plus which is a few months pay for a fresh graduate (kalau freshie satu bulan RM 2000, 3 bulan RM 6k lar). Secondly, this looks like business entertainment, remember the bill that was posted a couple of month ago from Singapore, a group had dinner at high end restaurant that came to SGD 240K (RM 744K). Anything also possible.

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