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Melaka Jalan Bunga Raya Famous Oyster Omelette Oh Chien Review

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Melaka Jalan Bunga Raya Famous Oyster Omelette Oh Chien Review

It has been years since the last time we visited this famous oyster omelette stall in Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka. In fact, the last review we did was in 2009 and it was eight years ago. We have been missing out many good food in Melaka in this couple of years as we have been traveling overseas in countries like Australia, Thailand and Macau.

Why do we keep coming back to this oyster omelette or better known as ‘oh chien’ in Hokkien?

My father is from Melaka and he grew up eating the ‘oh chien’ from this stall since he was young. My late grandma told us that there used to be people from income tax will sit down and count how many packets of ‘oh chien’ they can sell in a day. Thus during the old days when they used duck eggs to cook as it carries a stronger taste like how they use duck eggs for char kuey teow.

Decades passed and when the baton passed to the second generation, the quality and the taste of the ‘oh chien’ drops.

We still recalled back in the old days, the owner (father of current owner) can cook up to eight plates of ‘oh chien’ at once. Now, the owner can only cook up to two to three plates.

Now, you can’t even smell the fragrant of the ‘oh chien’ even though the owner is using back the same ingredients and recipe from his father. The ‘wok hei’ (breath of wok) is somehow missing and the portion now is bigger and they added chili to compensate the lack of taste and also added bigger oyster to make it reasonable.

The plate for small portion is RM 8.00 and large portion is RM 12.00.

Back in the old days, the ‘oh chien’ is all about the taste and not about the chili sauce and the size of the oysters. Their version of ‘oh chien’ is starcy but the texture is soft and strong in flavour. We can easily eat a packet of ‘oh chien’ per person and now we can’t even finish a packet.

What is missing the flavour and the ‘wok hei’ of the ‘oh chien’. The texture of the ‘oh chien’ is harder and it feels like eating starch now with eggs and oyster.

The taste of the ‘oh chien’ is average now and we do miss the original and unique taste of their ‘oh chien’. However, you still find long queues during weekends and public holidays. For many people, this is where they had their ‘oh chien’ since young and regardless of the taste, they just want to come back for the memory sake. Regardless the taste, we will also go back there again for memory sake.

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