May 29, 2022

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Travel Blogger Vindhya Passed Away in Hotel Safari Ende Indonesia

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Travel Blogger Vindhya Passed Away in Hotel Safari Ende Indonesia

Yesterday, I was in shocked as my friend and fellow travel blogger from Indonesia, Vindhya or better known as Ibu Penyu passed away in Hotel Safari Ende. I got to know her from the Trip of Wonders organised by Tourism Indonesia last year. She is one of the influences from Indonesia and there were over thirty influences from South East Asia.

ibu penyu
Goodbye our friend Vindhya from all our us. Rest in Peace. It is great to know you as a person, a friend and a travel buddy.

All of us were in shocked yesterday as to learn about her passing in the news. Even though we didn’t talk much during our time during the trip but she is one of the most genuine and honest person I’ve met. Whenever you speak to her, she will greet you with smiles and laughter.

There are no official words on the cause of her death yet and also her traveling partner but most likely they were electrocuted in the showers as she was found lifeless in the bathroom. Her friend also passed away and most likely electrocuted while trying to save her. We are still waiting for final confirmation of her passing.

From the influencers, friends of Trip of Wonders Indonesia and my family, we would like to send our deepest condolences to Vindhya and her family on her loss.

Vindhya is a great person, awesome travel influencer and an honest friend.

Rest in Peace Vindhya aka Ibu Penyu.

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