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The Tmall 6.18 Mid-Year Mega Sale Comes to Malaysia!

Good news to all the online shoppers in Malaysia! Alibaba Group announces the official launch of Tmall World and it is available in Malaysia now together with Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. This is their globalization strategy to connect the 100 million strong overseas China market worldwide with 1.2 billion products offered by brands and merchants through Group’s flagship social commerce app Mobile Taobao and online platforms such as world.Taobao.com.

tmall malaysia
This is at Tmall World’s Offline Store in Sunway Giza Malaysia.

What is Tmall?

Launched in April 2008, Tmall.com (www.tmall.com) is dedicated to providing a premium shopping experience for increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers in search of top-quality branded merchandise. A large number of international and Chinese brands and retailers have established storefronts on Tmall.com. According to iResearch, Tmall.com was China’s largest third-party platform for brands and retailers in terms of monthly active users in 2015. Tmall.com is a business of Alibaba Group.

What is the difference between Tmall and Taobao?

Taobao is a market place for everyone including consumers to consumers and business to consumers. Tmall is a market place within Taobao for trusted brands and merchants to consumers and that’s why you get more premium and quality products from Tmall. Tmall is part of Taobao.com

What is Tmall 6.18 Mid-Year Mega Sale?

To kick start Tmall entry to the Malaysia market with a bang, they offer the ‘Tmall 6.18 Mid-Year Mega sale’ from 18 – 20 June 2017. This could be your Hari Raya last minute shopping as the sale will offer discounts of up to 10 billion Chinese Yuan which is around RM 6.27 billion from from more than 180,000 global brands across different product categories such as apparel, home and living, consumer electronics, and mother and baby. The promotion can be accessed through Taobao Marketplace (world.taobao.com) or the Mobile Taobao app, Alibaba Group’s flagship mobile shopping app.

tmall english
Tmall website at www.Tmall.com, use Google Chrome to translate the website to English if you can’t understand Chinese.

The Tmall 6.18 Mid-Year Mega Sale is so awesome, we are checking out Tmall website now for our daily shopping. Along with the Tmall 6.18 Mid-Year Mega Sale attractive deals, other promotional offerings include: 

1) Shopping vouchers: Tmall.com will offer cash coupons of RMB20 (RM12.50) each between 13-20 June for shopping during the sale period; and discount coupons of RMB60 (RM38) or RMB100 (RM63) each for purchases up to RMB300 (RM188) and RMB1, 000 (RM628), respectively, during 18-20 June.

2) In-store shopping vouchers: Individual merchants will give out in-store shopping vouchers through their storefronts from 13-20 June for purchases during the sale period.

3) Delivery discount: For orders placed during the sale period, new consumers opting for “Taobao Global Consolidated Shipping (淘宝集运)” can enjoy a delivery coupon of up to RMB24 (RM15)  for the first kilogram of their packages.

4) Payment discount: Malaysian shoppers will be able to win a cashback worth RM100 when transactions are made from any of the participating banks from 18 June to 10 July, by Malaysia RevPay.

Taking advantage of the growing demand for large consignment purchases by Malaysian consumers, Tmall and Taobao Marketplace are rolling out a new sea freight option for the Malaysian market, applicable to the “Taobao Global Consolidated Shipping” option. This delivery alternative offers Malaysians a lower courier fee ranging from RMB9.5 (RM6) per kilogram excluding the 6% GST charges. This offer is applicable for individual consignments of up to 100 kilograms each or consolidated consignments of up to 200 kilograms each.

Tmall World’s Offline Store at Sunway Giza Malaysia

There is the Tmall World’s Offline Store happening at Sunway Giza Malaysia right now! We went there to check out some of the furniture available in Tmall. To be frank we were impressed by the design and quality of the furniture offered by the merchants in Tmall.

We took the video of our walkthrough at Tmall World’s Offline Store in Sunway Giza Mall and you can check it out below.

Since they have the exhibition in Sunway Giza mall, why not you go there to take a look and feel the quality of the furniture. Remember, now they offer shipping to your doorsteps in Malaysia. For those who travelled to China to buy furniture in the past to save money (as it is cheaper there), you can do it online now at Tmall! No more hassle of visiting furniture merchants and contacting shipping companies in China, everything can be done in Tmall now.

tmall ideal life in sunway giza
Tmall World’s Offline Store at Sunway Giza Malaysia
tmall living room
Tmall World’s Offline Store at Sunway Giza Malaysia

tmall ideal life in sunway giza yellow

tmall modern room
Tmall World’s Offline Store at Sunway Giza Malaysia
tmall study room
Tmall World’s Offline Store at Sunway Giza Malaysia

Tmall is for everyone

Tmall is for everyone including us as parents. We found quite a number of interesting products to shop in Tmall.

Colorland Multifunctional Mami Bag

tmall colorland
Colorland Multifunctional Mami Bag

As parents, we always wanted the ideal multifunctional bag. The bag that fits everything in which includes items like diaper, flash, water bottle, wet tissue, towel, baby mat, rash cream, snacks, milk bottle, milk powder container and more. This sounds crazy but this are the things we put in a multifunctional bag for parents and we found one at Tmall at https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=43146387318&skuId=74826994859

We also found some of the clothing for our boys such as:

Balabala Childrenswear for Boys (T-shirt)

tmall balabala cap
Balabala Childrenswear for Boys (T-shirt)

Link: https://world.tmall.com/item/545135694407.htm?id=545135694407

Balabala Childrenswear for Boys – Denim Fifth Pants

tmall balabala short
Balabala Childrenswear for Boys – Denim Fifth Pants

Now this is a cool denim pants for my boys. This is slightly too big for my boys these are quite cool design.

Link: https://world.tmall.com/item/545151255979.htm?id=545151255979 

Youbey Childrenswear for Both Boys & Girls – Twinset/ Two-piece Suit

tmall baby swimsuit
Youbey Childrenswear for Both Boys & Girls – Twinset/ Two-piece Suit

Cute two piece suit for boys and girls. The material for this is slightly expandable which is ideal for kids.

Link: https://world.tmall.com/item/527085867295.htm?id=527085867295

Auby Body-building Rack for Babies

tmall baby
Auby Body-building Rack for Babies

For parents with newborn baby until probably one year old, this item will be a life saver!

Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=43276259048&skuId=85333041470

Peppa Pig – Piggy Pepe Birthday Toy

tmall peppa pig
Peppa Pig – Piggy Pepe Birthday Toy

For the fans of Peppa Pig, this is something cute as birthday gift for the young ones. This is official Peppa Pig merchandise and you can get it at Tmall.

Link: https://world.tmall.com/item/531930044240.htm?id=531930044240&sku_properties=6863381:75473816

L-Liang Waterproof Baby Urine Pad/ Washable Napkin

tmall wash diaper
L-Liang Waterproof Baby Urine Pad/ Washable Napkin

This is something that parents can consider. You always wanted the get waterproof mat and this is something you can consider. As parents, we usually use this to prevent mattress being wet. The best part about this item is you can wash it and reuse it again.

Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=20849515611&skuId=3535481870815

L-Liang Children Pillow

tmall baby pillow
L-Liang Children Pillow

Like many typical Malaysian parents out there, we prefer to make our baby pillows. Now, you can purchase children pillow from Tmall. This is something you should consider for your children in the long run.

Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=545140170807

Xiaohe Electronic Mosquito Zapper (Mosquito-killing Light)

tmall mosquito
Xiaohe Electronic Mosquito Zapper (Mosquito-killing Light)

Dengue fever is common in Malaysia. We usually bought a lot of mosquito patches as well as essential oils for our children. Looking at this product, we are considering getting this as this is something we couldn’t find in Malaysia and this looks good in getting rid mosquitoes. Dengue fever is not a joke as we lost our friend due to this a few years ago.

Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220z.1000880.0.0.fwQ7Gt&id=547387819721

Sometimes as parents we look for quality products like clothing and toys for our children. Tmall is a good marketplace for such products.

What happened if you can’t read Chinese?

Well, I can’t read Chinese but Rachel can but in the digital world right now, everything can be translated. Just open Tmall website using Google Chrome browser and translate to whole page to English or Malay, everything can be done easily.

tmall malaysia furniture
Awesome furniture products showcased in Sunway Giza now!

Take advantage of Tmall 6.18 Mid-Year Mega Sale from 18 – 20 June 2017 to shop and save more. Visit Tmall.com for more information!

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