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Dinner with Japan Model Sugai Misa in Tokyo

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Dinner with Japan Model Sugai Misa in Tokyo

Ever wonder how is the experience to dine with a Playboy Japan gravure model? Well, this is a new experience you can do from now until May 2019 in Tokyo Japan!

Japan Weekly Playboy or better known as ‘Shupure’ in Japanese is a weekly magazine since 1966. To celebrate their 50th year in the business, Weekly Playboy is giving customers to chance to drink and dine with their most popular gravure models in a new bar called the Shupure Bar in Kabukicho Tokyo.

Please take note that Weekly Playboy in Japan is not related to the American version of Playboy.

What is a Japan Gravure Model or Idol?

Japan gravure models or idols are sexier than regular models but they do not pose for nudity. They can be labelled as famous sexy models or idols and usually they have their own fanbase. Thus, they usually appear in magazines and also their own DVDs which is a very popular culture in Japan.

Shupure Bar in Kabukicho Tokyo.

The drink and dine with Playboy Japan gravure model started on 10th June at Shupure Bar and coincidently I was in Tokyo on the same week so I took the chance to book a seat with model Sugai Misa. I tagged along my friend and he helped out in booking our seats and also volunteered to become my translator for the evening.

Depending on dates, there is at least one or two models per evening. There are three sessions of one hour session with the model and there will be maximum of five persons per session. One session includes drinks and food and it will be served by the model. One hour session per person cost 10,800 Yen with taxes. They accept cash only. You have to book on their website for session availability and we were lucky to get seats for idol Sugai Misa.

The Shupure Bar is located within the busy streets of Kabukicho, Shinjuku. The bar is located on the fifth floor of WaMall Kabukicho. We were there early and we were seated outside of the restaurant and waiting for our session at 9pm.

Before the drink and dining session with Japanese gravure model, we went for a short briefing by the representative of Weekly Playboy Japan.

Japan gravure model sauces, it is free order.

There are strict rules for drink and dining with Japanese gravure model. First of all, there is no photography from the customers but you can request for Polaroid picture with the model from 1000 Yen per Polaroid with the maximum of 4 Polaroids. Thus, the representative from Weekly Playboy Japan will assist the model during the one hour session and she can speak English as well.

The drink and dining session happened in a hidden bar within the restaurant. There are five persons per session so we were seated with three locals. They are big fan of Sugai Misa as I was told.

Before I booked the session, I did a research on model Sugai Misa and she was featured in Weekly Playboy Japan no 18 in 2016. You can see the pictures here.

Thus, we were pretty excited to meet Ms. Sugai Misa in person and she appeared from the bottom of the other side of the bar and she surprised us. She looked slightly different from the pictures of Weekly Playboy as she looks slimmer in person.

The first impression of her is she is ‘the girl next door’ type of girl. She is cute and pretty but not that super sexy or ‘lustful’ type of girl that you expect.

She is very cheerful and friendly and she tries to talk and entertain five of us from time to time. The drink and dine session is also sponsored by Suntory ‘Strong Zero’ series so guests can order unlimited drinks within one hour. The dinner includes five courses of small dishes.

Chicken Karaage.

The Suntory ‘Strong Zero’ is truly enjoyable while the food is mediocre. We get to ask Ms. Misa about her real life as a Japan gravure model. She also mentioned to us her new projects, magazine shoots and her new DVDs.

She also shared her dreams and ambitions as a gravure model and also what she plans to achieve.

Polaroid picture with model is charged at 1000 Yen per Polaroid. Max 4 Polaroids per customer.

The conversation turns interesting when she found out that we are Malaysians and I am actually a blogger. Hence, I told her my intention to blog about the whole experience and her manager agreed for me to take pictures of her for this story. This is how I get the exclusivity to take her pictures with my camera and phone.

Exclusive picture of Ms. Sugai Misa.

The whole drink and dining experience with Ms. Misa is an unforgettable affair. Her sharing of her passion as a gravure model gives us a different insight of Japanese model/idol culture.

This is probably one of the most interesting experiences in my travel life. Thank you, my friend (who wants to remain anonymous) for being my translator and it was a big help.

It was a great experience with Japan gravure model Ms. Sugai Misa.

Lastly, we would to thank Ms. Megumi for helping us out during the session and Ms. Misa for the short interview (which we will publish soon).

You can book your session with your preferred gravure model at http://shupure-sakaba.jp/. This drink and dine experience with Playboy Japan gravure models will end May 2018. This is one of your lifetime chances to meet them up close and personal and we highly recommend it. Remember, most of them don’t speak English so do find a friend who can speak Japanese. Popular gravure models are usually high in demand and fully booked in advance. Book early to avoid disappointment. This is one of the unique experiences you must try in Tokyo Japan.

Shupure Bar / 週プレ酒場 Address:

Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 1-18-9 WaMall Kabukicho 5F

東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1-18-9 WaMall歌舞伎町 5F


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