May 31, 2023

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Tokyo Secret 13 New Drinks and Original Cheesecake

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Tokyo Secret 13 New Drinks and Original Cheesecake

One year ago, we were invited for the soft opening of a pop up store called Tokyo Secret. We were only the handful medias invited to their pop up store in IPC (Ikano Power Center). We never heard of Japan baked melting Hanjuku cheese tart until that day. Since it was their first day, we waited for a while to taste our first Japanese baked cheese tart. The first impression last until today, it is really good and it is still one of the best in Malaysia right now.

Tokyo Secret 1st Anniversary in One Utama.

The introduction of Tokyo Secret Japanese baked cheese tart sparks the ‘Japanese cheese tart’ war. You can find many other bakeries and cafes selling Japanese cheese tart up to today.

Tokyo Secret tarts, Original, Hazelnut, Purple Potato and Japanese matcha.

They also offer new cheese tart flavours such as Purple potato Hanjuku, Matcha Hanjuku and Hazelnut Hanjuku. With their strong base cheese flavours, all the new flavours are equally delicious depending on which flavour you prefer. The flavour combination is well done and we enjoyed each and every one of them.

Recently, Tokyo Secret celebrated their 1st anniversary in Malaysia and they introduced 13 new drinks and their original cheesecake. They have a few new series in their drink menu which is fresh fruit tea, Cheese Crema drinks, milk tea and original tea.

We didn’t manage to taste all the 13 new drinks but we fell in love with their Cheese Cream drink series. We ordered the Japanese matcha and the taste is pretty good. Overall it is not too sweet and it complements well with the strong cheesy cream. The combination of the Japanese matcha and cheesy cream works well together. Maybe we love cheese flavour and we truly enjoyed this.

Tokyo Secret Japanese Matcha Cheese Crema.

For the cheese cake, it is priced at RM 49. The texture is soft and it is strong with cheese flavour. This is something you can consider if you don’t want the cheese tarts or the drinks. The cheese cake at RM 49 is quite reasonable in our opinion.We also shared this with our family and they enjoyed this.

Tokyo Secret Cheese Cake at RM 49

Overall, we enjoyed the food in Tokyo Secret. What we like about Tokyo Secret is the quality ingredients they used and how they maintain the quality and the taste of their food. When you pay more, you get more in terms of taste and quality in Tokyo Secret.

With MyFm Radio DJ Mei Yan in Tokyo Secret.


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