February 9, 2023

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Malaysia Highways Traffic CCTV Live View

Ever wonder where can you check on Malaysia highway traffic CCTV live? Most Malaysians are quite dependent on Waze or Google Map in getting around places and also avoiding traffic jam and congestion. Sometimes most of us are curious, how accurate is the traffic report from the apps. Thus, we always wanted to check Malaysian highway traffic CCTV live view.

Malaysia Highways Traffic CCTV Live view from Jalannow.com

Now, you can check at Jalannow.com, they offer live views on most Malaysia highways including the major highways in Klang Valley. They offer live views in Malaysia highways like NKVE, PLUS, ELITE, GRANDSAGA, AKLEH, KESAS, LDP, NPE, SPRINT, LPT, LPT2, SILK, MEX, SMART Tunnel, LATAR, GCE, LKSA, SHAPADU, BESRAYA, SDE, LEKAS, SKVE, LINK2, EDL and KLK.

If you are traveling or going back to your hometown during festive seasons like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year or Deepavali, you can consider checking out their website for the Malaysia Highway traffic CCTV live view.

We are blogging about this as we were frustrated stuck in a bad traffic without knowing the real reason behind it. Maybe by viewing the Malaysia highway traffic CCTV live views, it might give you an option in either resting or detour. This is helpful if you have a long journey or you are traveling in highways like PLUS highway. You can check out the Malaysia highway traffic CCTV live view at http://www.jalanow.com/malaysia-highways-live-traffic-cameras-io17

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