May 27, 2022

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Hainan Airlines’ new uniforms at Paris Couture Week

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Hainan Airlines’ new uniforms at Paris Couture Week

Hainan Airlines rocked Paris Couture Week with their new flight attendant uniforms. The pictures of the new flight attendant uniforms are now spreading like wildfires on social media networks.

Hainan Airlines new uniforms. Pictures from Hainan Airlines.

The fifth-generation uniforms of Hainan Airlines were designed by Laurence Xu. He is a Chinese designer popular with his talent in blending East and West designs. The result is classical Oriental Chinese dress ‘Cheongsam’ or ‘Qibao’ with Wester suit. This doesn’t look like uniform as it looks more like a designer piece from popular designer boutiques.

Hainan Airlines new uniforms. Pictures from Hainan Airlines.

According to Hainan Airlines, the uniforms that were showcased combine elements of classical, time-honored Oriental aesthetics and the silhouette of a modern Western suit, infusing new vigor and fashion into the attire.

Hainan Airlines new uniforms. Pictures from Hainan Airlines.

Repurposing the alluring look of the Cheongsam, a stylish traditional Chinese dress for women usually worn on more formal occasions, the uniforms feature a collar overlaid with a pattern of auspicious clouds and a lower hem with a pattern alternating sea and mountains which contrasts with the collar’s clouds and sky, drawing a comparison between a Hainan aircraft that has just taken off, and the roc, a mythical bird denoting strength, as it lifts into flight. The 3/4 sleeves denote simplicity and just the right amount of modesty, symbolic of the cabin crew’s high level of competence. The apron is designed like a tulip-shaped dress to emphasize, in equal measure, elegance, femininity, aesthetics and practicality. The Western-style draping incorporates popular international fashion elements alongside a sense of high-quality professionalism. The fusion of traditional Chinese elements and popular international fashion created an Oriental masterpiece that turned heads in Paris.

During the design process, Hainan Airlines and Laurence Xu met and talked frequently, going through more than 1,000 design blueprints and trying out more than one hundred samples of garments and accessories.

Hainan Airlines new uniforms. Pictures from Hainan Airlines.

Hainan Airlines is established in 1989 and they are one of the nine airlines rated as five-star airlines by Skytrax.

This is Hainan Airlines old uniforms so you can tell they really up their game.

One thing for sure, if Hainan Airlines plan to mass produce and sell their uniforms online it will be selling like hot cakes.

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