January 29, 2023

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Cha Tru Mue Rose Thai Milk Tea Is Available in Malaysia Now

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Cha Tru Mue Rose Thai Milk Tea Is Available in Malaysia Now

Cha Tru Mue is a popular Thai Tea company from Thailand. For those who often travel to Bangkok, you can easily see their stalls in BTS stations and also in various shopping malls. Currently, they have eleven outlets in Malaysia! For those who missed Cha Tru Mue in Thailand, you can find them in Malaysia too.

Cha Tru Mue Rose Thai Milk Tea Is Available in Malaysia Now

The company have a history of over seventy years as a tea company and Thai Ice milk tea specialist. Their top seller is their Thai Milk Tea or ‘Cha Yen’ in Thai and they offer a variety of Thai milk tea with other flavours.

A few weeks ago, they launched the Rose flavour in Thailand and it was a big hit. Of course, I didn’t travel to Thailand in recent weeks so I didn’t manage to taste it.

The good news it, it is now available at Cha Tru Mue outlets in Malaysia. I walked pass the outlet and bought one.

Since it is a unique flavour, it is priced at RM 8.90 with a cool looking plastic cup/ container. For the taste of this Rose Thai Milk Tea, watch the video.

Overall, I enjoyed this new flavour. The rose flavour somehow blends perfectly with the Thai milk tea. The taste resembles our favourite ‘bandung’ but you get more ‘Thai tea’ flavour in this version.

For more information on Cha Tru Mue Malaysia, visit their website at http://www.chatramue.com.my/index.html

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