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TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity Movie and Dining Package

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TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity Movie and Dining Package

TGV Indulge is the one of the most unique cinemas in the region. It is a luxury lifestyle gourmet cinema that offers full dining experience. There are two TGV Indulge in Malaysia and they are located in 1 Utama Shopping Centre and Sunway Velocity Shopping Mall.

tgv indulge sunway velocity
TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity Cheras

We blogged about our dining experience in TGV Indulge 1 Utama here and TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity here.

The good news is TGV Indulge now offer new movie and dining packages for both cinemas.

tgv indulge sunway velocity price list
The new TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity Package

For the movie ticket, it is RM 45 per person from Monday to Thursday and RM 55 per person from Friday to Sunday.

tgv indulge sunway velocity seats
Full recline seats with comforter blanket in TGV Indulge.

For TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity cinema hall, the seating is individual with full recline seat, meal ordering tablet and individual comforter blankets. Each cinema hall can only accommodate 32 to 40 guests. What we like is the exclusivity and also the spacious and full reclining seat. You can order food in the cinema hall or you can dine at the dining hall.

tgv indulge sunway velocity food ordering tab
Hungry in cinema? No worries, just order from your seat like a boss.

For the movie ticket and dining package, it is RM 70 per person from Monday to Thursday and RM 79 per person from Friday to Sunday.

For the complete food menu available for the TGV Indulge dining package, watch the video below.

We ordered the Set D which is inclusive of Soft Shell Crab Salad and the Chicken Katsu Sandwich.

tgv indulge soft shell crab salad
Soft Shell Crab Salad

For the Soft Shell Crab Salad, it comes with a whole soft shell crab, salad and topped it with nuts and ebiko (fish roe). Look at the generous serving of the soft shell crab which is crispy on the outer layer and the meat is still juicy. It complements well with the salad and this is just the starter.

tgv indulge chicken katsu sandwich
Chicken Katsu Sandwich

Their Chicken Katsu Sandwich is served with Vietnamese baguette with katsu sauce and fries. Even though the sandwich looks small in picture but it is huge in actual size. The chicken is deep fried to crunchiness sliced it together with tomatoes and lettuce and drizzled with katsu sauce. If you are huge fan of deep fried chicken sandwich, this is something you must order.

tgv indulge places and foods wilson
Time to feast in TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity.

Looking at the food they serve for their set meals, the movie and food package in TGV Indulge Sunway Velocity is worth the money. Look at the portion of the food and most important of all, the taste of the food here is good.

If you are looking for an exclusive dining and movie experience with your partner, love ones, family or friends, you should consider visiting TGV Indulge. You won’t regret it for sure. For more information on TGV Indulge including bookings, visit

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