February 6, 2023

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Singapore Airlines New In-flight Safety Video Inspired by Qantas and Air New Zealand?

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 Singapore Airlines New In-flight Safety Video Inspired by Qantas and Air New Zealand?

Yesterday, Singapore Airlines launched their new In-flight Safety Video on their Youtube Channel and it looks amazing. It shows the Singapore Airlines stewardess walking through different parts of Singapore while explaining the inflight safety procedures.

Snapshot of the Singapore Airlines new in-flight safety video. This is taken from Singapore Airlines Youtube Channel.

You get glimpsed of Singapore’s landmarks, destinations and locations that we never seen before. It is a brief walkthrough what Singapore can offer and we must say the video was nicely done. The music is good and the video is around 5 minutes and 49 seconds. You can watch the Singapore Airlines New In-flight Safety video below.

However, this is not the first time such concept has been used. In fact, Air New Zealand started it with the video called ‘The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #AirNZSafetyVideo’ three years ago in 2014.

It is a Lords of The Rings theme and it showcases some of the locations of the movies and also different parts of New Zealand. Again, it also highlights the in-flight safety features in the Lords Of The Rings way. You can watch the video below.

Next, Qantas In-flight safety videos. They have two in-flight safety videos promoting destinations with different people in Australia.

The first Qantas In-Flight Safety video with such theme was created last year and you can watch the video below.

The second Qantas In-Flight Safety video is created earlier this year with similar concept and theme. You can see how they showcase different places and states of Australia while explaining the in-flight safety procedures.

Is the new Singapore Airlines in-flight safety inspired by Qantas and Air New Zealand? Well, you be the judge.

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