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Discover Tasmania and Melbourne with ASTRO Love N Music 《爱与音乐去澳游》

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Discover Tasmania and Melbourne with ASTRO Love N Music 《爱与音乐去澳游》

Want to discover more of Tasmania and Melbourne in a unique way? There is a new TV series on Astro is more just than the usual travel series as it involves music and some love.  It is called Love N Music 《爱与音乐去澳游》and it is aired on Astro Wah Lai Toi Channel 310 or Astro Wah Lai Toi HD Channel 311 every Saturday 8.30pm for five weeks.

love n music
ASTRO Love N Music 《爱与音乐去澳游》

Who is in the Love N Music 《爱与音乐去澳游》?

We are sure you know Astro All Stars Artistes Danny, Geraldine and Nicole. The bring us to a journey to Melbourne and Tasmania with love and music. Something new that you never seen before on TV.

Well, if you don’t have Astro at home like us, don’t worry. You can check out the aired episodes on their official website at http://www.xuan.com.my/channels/wlt/article/articleid/13245/tabid/949/LoveNMusic-Melbourne-Tasmania

Or you can watch the ASTRO Love N Music 《爱与音乐去澳游》Episode 1 here.

Remember also to read our stories and travel tips on Melbourne here and Tasmania here. Hope you enjoy ASTRO Love N Music 《爱与音乐去澳游》like we do.

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