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The Ideal Baby Stroller For Traveling

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The Ideal Baby Stroller For Traveling

What is the ideal baby stroller for traveling? We read many stories from parenting websites and blogs but most of them are not based in their experiences. Thus, we decided to write our own experience when we brought our boy to Taipei a few years ago.

carousell family
Family picture in Jiufen.

When it comes to types of strollers available, you will be spoilt by choices. Strollers come with different types of wheels and number of wheels, quality by material, the weight, local or overseas brands and technology. You can find strollers from RM 100++ to over thousands of ringgit.

We have a few strollers at home, the expensive stroller and the budget stroller. For our trip to Taipei, we brought the cheap stroller (that cost around RM 100++). Our baby stroller is called See Baby, follow me to find out more.

carousell trolley taipei
Our boy in Taipei.

It is a very ‘easy’ and light stroller and that is the main reason we travel with it. It is easy to close so we can put it in a car or taxi. Our boy can either sit or sleep in the stroller so we brought a small pillow in case he wants to take a nap.

carousell trolley sleeping
Our boy sleeping in the trolley

The material is thin and light (not the best out there) but it has its own advantages. It is not hot and thanks to the cooling weather in Taipei, our boy can sit still in the stroller.

carousell trolley milk

The stroller also comes with a small pocket at the back and a net basket at the bottom. We usually keep the plastic bags at the bottom and his bottles and milk powder behind.

Another reason we brought the stroller is if we break it, we can throw it. If you take an expensive stroller and you break it, you will have to take it back for warranty claim (if there is any).

A couple of days of traveling in Taipei with the budget stroller, we enjoyed our trip. Since the stroller is light, anyone can carry it. Hence, if our boy decides to walk, we use the stroller as our shopping trolley.

carousell trolley family
Family picture on 101 Taipei.

Overall our choice of stroller because it is light and convenient. We don’t intend to carry heavy stroller to travel as it burdens the parents. This story is based on our actual experiences. We believe in sharing is caring so our experiences can help parents to choose their ideal strollers .


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