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Hotel Guests Use Electric Kettle to Boil Their Underwear

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Hotel Guests Use Electric Kettle to Boil Their Underwear

If you followed our blog, you know we travel around quite often in Malaysia, Asia and Australia. We have the habit of boiling mineral water or tap water with the electric kettle so it is safe to drink. It is a habit we inherited from our parents since we were young. As parents of two boys, we need the electric kettle to boil hot water to prepare milk for them if we travel as family. However, there is a report that hotel guests in China used the electric kettle to boil their underwear to clean them. Now, we think we need to consider bring our own elecrtickettle when traveling abroad.

water kettle
Will you bring your own electric kettle to travel next time?

Two weeks ago, a newspaper report in China website stated that there are hotel guests who used the electric kettles to clean their underwear. It is not just China as there was someone asking on Twitter,  “Real question: does anyone I know clean their underwear in a kettle when travelling?” and it was reported in Gizmodo Australia.


In another report by Yahoo News Australia, cabin crews are known to boil their underwear in electric kettle during overnight stop overs. The cabin crew was caught and fired according to report.

So we did ask our cabin crew friends about this and they have no idea at all.

Since we know that there are actually people who cleaned their underwear by boiling with electric kettle, will you ever dare to use it anymore?

We are not sure how to totally clean or disinfect it before we can use it because who knows what did the guests did with that electric kettle? We know this is super gross and we simply don’t understand the mind of such travellers.

Want to boil the water with the kettle in the hotel room anymore after you read this?

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  1. kinda disturbing to hear this..should be more aware on my vacation trip next time..to play safe, maybe I’ll purchase the mini electric kettle they sell at Tesco (^^”)

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