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12 Things You Should Know If You Self Drive in Tasmania For Malaysians

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12 Things You Should Know If You Self Drive in Tasmania For Malaysians

Last month, we were in Tasmania for the second time and this time we decided to explore on our own. When it comes to free and easy, self drive is the best option as you can explore and see the scenic places of Tasmania. With our own experiences in Tasmania, we listed down the self drive tips you should know when you explore this beautiful island of Australia.

1.Book from Trusted Car Rental Company

You can find many car rental companies out there. Some giving ridiculous prices and some car rental companies are unheard of. Based on the recommendation of our local Tasmanian friends, we booked with We had our bad experiences in small car rental companies in Australia that we shall not name so we decided to book with the trusted car rental companies.

tasmania self drive
One of the most trusted car rental company brands in Australia, Hertz.

In Malaysia, you can make reservations through 5 convenient ways:


  1. Book online at
  2. Call Hertz Reservation Centre on +60 3 27158383
  3. Email to Hertz Reservation Centre at [email protected]
  4. Visit your preferred travel agent

What we liked about is there is no upfront payment, deposit or cancellation fees.

2.Pre-book your car rentals early

tasmania hertz hobart
Got this Hyundai as we booked early.

We always say this in our blog. The early birds get the worms. Don’t risk it for last minute deals. Pre book early for your car rentals so you can the type of cars you want, at the place and the time you need it. If the car rental companies ran out the type of cars you wanted, you might have to pay more for other car types. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

3.New Malaysian Driving License

tasmania driving license
This Malaysian driving license is good enough and you do not need International Driving License.

Do you need an International Driving License to drive in Tasmania? The answer is no but you need the new Malaysian Driving License. We used that to book our car with Of course, you have to carry your passport along for verification.

4.Basic Driving Rules in Australia

Since I used to study and owned a car in Australia, there are some basic driving rules you should know.

When approaching zebra crossing or speed bumps, you have to slow down and stop to see whether there is someone is crossing.

When approaching a roundabout, you have to stop before you enter the roundabout even though there is no car.

Do stop over the white line in front of the traffic lines. Always stop before the white lines.

Remember to wear seatbelts for front and back passengers.

tasmania cethana dam
Beauty of self drive is you get to stop whenever and where ever you want. This is Cethana Dam.

5.Speed Limit

There are many speed traps throughout Tasmania especially in the city. Follow the speed limit or you might have to pay extra for the tickets. We have warned you yeah and the summons are not cheap.

6.Hotel Parking

tasmania self drive snow
Our parking spot at Cradle Mountain Highlander Cottage.

Always check with the hotel you booked for free parking spaces. There are many hotels in Tasmania so you can book the ones that offer free parking. Parking in the city is not cheap so remember this.

7.Parking Signages

Always look at the parking signages when you park in the city like Hobart or towns. If it is stated you have to pay, look for the machines to pay as they will come and issue the ticket.

Small towns usually do not have parking time limit restrictions.

8.Get a GPS or have mobile data

Book the GPS from the car rental company or get mobile data or mobile roaming services. For mobile data please use Telstra as they have the best reception in Tasmania. Be safe than sorry.

9.Lookout for Petrol Stations

If you plan to drive far into to the mountains, please lookout for petrol stations. Just make sure you pump enough petrol to travel for long distance. Don’t get us wrong, there are many petrol stations in Tasmania but Malaysians have the tendency of refuelling until they spotted the warning signs. Thus, it is safer to keep your petrol tank fuel than sorry. Yes, you have to refuel the car when you returned it back or you have to pay extra.

10.National Park Pass

tasmania cradle mountain national park pass
Cradle Mountain National Parks Pass rates.

If you plan to self drive to Cradle Mountain, you need to purchase National Park Pass before you can enter the Dove Lake. It is A$16.50 per day pass for adult. You need to purchase it before you can enter Cradle Mountain National Park.

11.Travel Insurance

When you rent the car, they will have come with travel insurance (please check with your car rental company). However, we always advise travellers to get their own travel insurance for extra security. You can claim your medical fees with your travel insurance (depending on your travel insurance policy). Please buy a travel insurance when you travel and you can find plenty online. We usually purchase the annual travel insurance as we travel very often.

12.Pick up and drop of locations

When you book the car, you can choose multiple locations. For example, you can pick up the car in Launceston Airport and drop it at Hobart International Airport. Usually there is no extra charges (depending on car rental company).

tasmania hertz airport
Hertz drop off location at Hobart International Airport.

For our case, we took the car in Hobart city as we were on day tours for the first few days and we returned it at the Hobart International Airport. Plan your trip properly so you don’t waste money renting the car and parked it in hotels.

We hope this will help you on your self drive trip in Tasmania. If you like our story, remember to share it to your friends. Thank you for reading.

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