May 23, 2024


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UberEATS Is Starting Food Delivery Services in Malaysia

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Updated: UberEATS is now available in Malaysia, read 12 Things You Should Know About UberEATS KL

UberEATS Is Starting Food Delivery Services in Malaysia

We blogged about the possibility of UberEATS coming to Malaysia in earlier this year in February. True enough, UberEATS will start in Malaysia very soon. They have an event end of the month and we will update once we got more details. We are invited and will be attending the UberEATS event.

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For your information, UberEATS is available in Singapore and Thailand now. It will be interesting to see them opening up in Malaysia.

What is UberEATS?

We all know UBER as the car hailing app and it is legal in Malaysia. UberEATS on the other hand is food delivery service. Yes, UberEATS will do the food delivery via the Uber apps.

How does UberEATS work?

We blogged about this in February but let’s run through again. Take UberEATS Singapore as an example. For each delivery, it is fixed at $3 dollars per delivery and the food delivery must be completed within 3o minutes.

There is no minimum order of food for UberEATS in Singapore so even you order a plate of chicken rice for $3 dollars, they still deliver it for you at $3 dollars.

There won’t be any cash transactions like Uber.

UberEATS in Malaysia

We are expecting them to start in Kuala Lumpur first before they expand to Klang Valley. Since Kuala Lumpur is huge and the traffic is a problem, they might have different strategy on food delivery timeline. For the charges, we just have to wait and see how competitive is the pricing they offer in Malaysia. There are a few food delivery websites in Malaysia so it will be competitive market.

We will be more than happy if UberEATS starts in Malaysia. It will be another great platform for us to use for food delivery. This will also helps the local food industry and also creates more jobs for delivery staffs. We see lots of positives for UberEATS Malaysia.

Like we mentioned earlier, we will update once we get more information on UberEATS Malaysia. Thank you for reading.

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