May 19, 2024


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AirAsia new flights from Johor Bahru to Macau

For our friends in Johor, there is good news. AirAsia will launch the new direct flight from Johor Bahru to Macau starting 28th November 2017. For those who are staying in Johor, now you don’t have to drive all the way to KLIA or fly to Macau via Singapore anymore. This will cut traveling time and probably cheaper air fare too.

macau 2017
Parisian Hotel in Macau.

For this new direct flight, currently offer all-in-fares from RM 129 one way from now until 1st October 2017 for the travel period from 28th November 2017 until 21st November 2018. Book early to get the best deals first. Don’t wait until last minute promotions.

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For more info on the JB to Macau flights promo, visit

0 thoughts on “AirAsia new flights from Johor Bahru to Macau

  1. Great, good to know.
    Sure there will be traffic from Macau to JB. Some of the property investor can easily visit their property especially at Iskandar area.
    Hope to boost tourism.
    Somemore near to Singapore (Phua Chu Kang sound a like haha)

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