November 30, 2023


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How to take underwater photos with Galaxy S8

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How to take underwater photos with Galaxy S8

When Samsung brags about Samsung Galaxy S8 IP68 features which include waterproof and water resistance, many are skeptical about it. Please take note that Samsung Galaxy S7 alreay have that features and there were no issues about it. We all know it is waterproof but how to take underwater photos with Galaxy S8? For video it is easy as you can record it before you go underwater so how do you do with photos (since you can’t touch it underwater)?

s8 underwater pic
Picture captured with Samsung Galaxy S8

Well, we did a test with my boys last weekend with Galaxy S8 (without any casing or housing) in the swimming pool.

samsung galaxy s8 timer

Go to options in Camera setting, click Timer on to 10 sec and you can burst up to 3 pictures. Once you hit the timer, go underwater until you snap up to 3 pictures. It is so simple.

Please take note that even though Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with IP68 but it is not an action camera so there could be wear and tear. Don’t excessively or violently shake the phone in the water, it is not an action camera.

Hope you enjoy your Samsung Galaxy S8 like we do and explore underwater photography with a smartphone.

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  1. lol… you should have seen my expression when I was trying to dunk my samsung galaxy s 8 into the water the first time… I was terrified but excited and wanted to test it at the same time… the result was I got some amazing shots underwater…

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