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Southern Rock Seafood and Fresh Oysters in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur

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Where can you find the freshest and the best oysters from around the world in Malaysia? The answer is Southern Rock Seafood and its sister company Shucked Oyster Bars. Both names are popular among fresh oyster lovers as they sourced the best oysters from Ireland, England and Australia. On top of the fresh oysters, Southern Rock Seafood has a fish monger section where you can get high quality seafood and the restaurant is also popular with its seafood cuisine.

southern rock seafood

Do you know Southern Rock Seafood is part of the Entertainer App now? This means that you can purchase ONE MAIN COURSE and get another one for FREE. They are one of the 1,200 participating outlets in Malaysia. Not forgetting the CHEERS section in the Entertainer App is offering BUY ONE DRINK and get ONE FREE in participating bars. There is also the PLAY section where you can get BUY ONE GAME and get another ONE FREE as well as the hotels section where you can BUY ONE NIGHTS STAY and GET ANOTHER NIGHT FOR FREE.

southern rock seafood oysters
The fresh oysters from all around the world. The oysters are not part of the main menu.

This is the beauty of The Entertainer App and you can save money in dining, drinks, games and even in hotel stays. You can read how we saved our money by staying in The Heritage Suites in Siem Reap Cambodia. The best part now is you can get the app at discounted rates!

For the usual price for the ENTERTAINER App is RM 145 but if you can use our code WILSON2017 or click the link ( to get it at RM 75 which more than 45% OFF the normal price.

entertainer southern rock

We were there for dinner and we had six different main courses. With the ENTERTAINNER App, you just need to purchase three main courses and get the other three main courses for free.

southern rock seafood breakfast
SRS Breakfast (RM38)

If you are looking for a ‘big breakfast’ set, you can consider ordering their all day long SRS Breakfast. We didn’t expect them to serve such a beautiful breakfast set (and it is better than many cafes out there).

What is on the platter?

The SRS Breakfast comes with scrambled eggs, salmon, potatoes confit, roast tomatoes and Portobello mushrooms. What we love is the freshness of the salmon, the gorgeously cooked scrambled eggs as well as the mushrooms.

Angel Hair Mussel Laksa (RM 36)

southern rock seafood curry mussels

We are huge fans of mussels and we always prefer the black shell mussels than the green shell mussels. Black shell mussels taste better but it is very expensive and hard to find in Kuala Lumpur. The beauty of Southern Rock Seafood is they import the best and freshest seafood and if you order the Angel Hair Mussel Laksa, it comes with generous amount of black shell mussels. We enjoyed the huge portion of the noodles and also their version of laksa. This is not the thick texture type of laksa and it complements well with the noodle. You can taste the slight spiciness in the curry as well as the rich aroma from the spices and the coconut milk.

southern rock seafood seabass
Whole Seabass RM 68 / RM 110 for 2 pax

There is something you must know about Southern Rock Seafood Restaurant. They use the BERTHA Charcoal oven to grill their seafood. If you look at the colour and also the outer layer of the seabass, it was grilled to perfection with BERTHA charcoal oven.

What we like about this restaurant is they offer the whole seabass as many restaurants out there only offer the seabass fillet. The charcoal grill does its magic and you can taste the juiciness and freshness of the seabass. Not forgetting the grilled salad too.

southern rock seafood mix seafood
Roasted Mixed Seafood (RM 68)

It is a must to have the roasted mixed seafood when you dine in Southern Rock Seafood. You have the whole shebang of mussels, prawns, salmon, squid and squid. It is cooked with their special sauce combination of garlic, lime, chili and thyme. This is the taste of the sea and this is as fresh as you can get.

southern rock seafood prawns
Roasted Tiger Prawns (RM 52)

We were surprised when they served the roasted tiger prawns. Look at the generous amount of that huge tiger prawns. What we love about this is the freshness and juiciness of the prawns. We have been mentioning that all the time and that is the beauty when you eat in Southern Rock Seafood. The gravy is not thick and it goes well with the prawns. If you know the market price of the tiger prawns you know this pan is worth the money. Remember you have the bread to complement with the broth.

southern rock seafood grilled salmon
Grilled Ocean Trout (RM 65)

The ocean trout is the same family of salmon and that’s the reason the colour of the meat looks similar. The trout is grilled to crispiness on the outer layer while the texture of the meat is still juicy. We love the presentation of this dish.

There are also many other food options in Southern Rock Seafood. They offer dishes like Smoked Ocean Trout & Marinated Goat’s Cheese, Seared Tuna Salad Nicoise, Prawn Cocktail Sandwich, Smoked Mackerel & Horseradish Sandwich, Baked Lobsters, Salmon Cake, Omelette Arnold Bennett, Skillet Scallops, Angel Curry Butter Prawn and more.

With the ENTERTAINER App, you can buy one main course and get one for free. For the usual price for the ENTERTAINER App is RM 145 but if you can use our code WILSON2017 or click the link ( to get it at RM 75 which more than 45% OFF the normal price. Get it now and save more!

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10AM–10PM

Southern Rock Seafood Address and Contact:
34, Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar,
59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +60 1-800-88-3474

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