July 22, 2024


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10 Things You Should Know about Pantheon Platinum iCafe Subang 

You probably read or heard about the Pantheon Platinum iCafe, the first eSports Arena in Malaysia. The Pantheon Platinum iCafe is located on Level 2, One Space in One City. Park in The Square and not One City if you plan to visit Pantheon Platinum iCafe.


We were invited for their grand launch and we were very impressed. eSports is a huge industry right now and eSports players are making millions of US Dollars a year and it is booming right across Asia and the rest of the world.

We are not a huge fan of DOTA 2 but we are a big fan of League of Legends. Thus, players and teams are paid and sponsored by companies to compete in the world stage. The winning prizes of huge tournaments are usually over US$ 1 million so the stakes are high.

pantheon the space one city

The big question is where do these eSports players train and Pantheon Platinum iCafe is the answer. iCafes are popular in Asia and they are usually certified by Platinum NVIDIA GeForce GTX iCafe certification. Pantheon Platinum iCafe is the world class training ground for eSports. They have the best equipment in Malaysia and they will upgrade with new techs from time to time.

Now, probably you are more curious about what is this Pantheon Platinum iCafe is all about. Let’s check out 10 Things You Should Know about Pantheon Platinum iCafe.

1.The Pantheon is inspired by the iconic Roman architecture in its basic definition means a temple dedicated to the gods. It is also used to define a collective group of illustrious individuals that are being honoured and respected for their notable achievement.

pantheon geforce icafe

2.The Pantheon in Malaysia is the first eSports Arena in Malaysia with Platinum NVIDIA GeForce GTX iCafe certification.

3.The Pantheon is built on more than 10,000 square feet of space, dedicated solely for sheer gaming pleasure.


4.The Pantheon consist of 116 units of PCs equipped with GTX 1060 and above with G-sync monitor and is made up of all the gaming brands available in the market:


Acer Alienware Arkracing
Asus Coolermaster Corsair
DXRAcer Fractal FSP
Galax GeIL Gigabyte
HyperX In Win Intel
Klevv Legion by Lenovo LG
Linksys Logitech Microsoft
MSI Noblechairs NOC
NSRock Omen by HP Omni
Philips Monitors Predator Razer
Republic of Gamers by Asus Samsung Segotep
Steelseries Supero Thermaltake
ViewSonic ViewSonic Zotac

5.The Pantheon is equipped with a built-in 123-seater auditorium  with six experiential zone for Alienware, Legion by Lenovo, MSI, Omen by HP, Predator, and Republic of Gamers. In each of the experiential zone, there will be six PCs in each zone.

pantheon car

6.The six zones are built specifically for these brands to showcase their latest products. Customer can test out the brands’ latest product in these room before making purchase decision.

pantheon arena

7.These six experiential zone are also setup to provide a boot camp feeling for eSportsmen who wish to train in private without distraction.

pantheon FIFA

8.The Pantheon also provide other experiential zones such as Racing Simulator Zone, PS4 Zone as well as VR Zone.

pantheon VR

9.How much does it cost to train in Pantheon Platinum iCafe? They didn’t mention during the press launch but this is the pricing for different areas in Pantheon Platinum iCafe.

Price point:

Area Price
PC experience zone RM 5/hour
Premium PC zone RM 7/hour
Racing Simulator zone RM 30/hour
VR Zone RM 50/30 minutes
PS4 Zone *Free for community members with purchase of food and beverages above RM5

To be honest, the price points at Pantheon Platinum iCafe is quite affordable and we expected more from this. We are from the RM 10/hour era so RM 7/hour for Premium PC Zone is consider cheap. Please take note the stuffs you get here is the best of the best.

pantheon premium pc

10.The opening hours of Pantheon Platinum iCafe. The Pantheon is not a 24 hours iCafe and the opening hours is from 11 am until midnight daily. They promote healthy gaming so this is not a 24 hour operating iCafe which is good.

Pantheon Platinum iCafe Address:

Level 2,

The Square

Subang Jaya 47650

Tel: 012-915 2220

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  1. This is the right place for young gamers.They will definitely enjoy this cafe because of their facilities and equipment.

  2. This is really nice specially for the youngster and obviously they are choose like that place to play games.

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