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Pasta in Cheese Wheel at Sorrento Bangkok

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Pasta in Cheese Wheel at Sorrento Bangkok

We are one of the many people who have watched cheese wheel pasta on Buzzfeed video and also other viral videos. Thus, we found out that the cheese wheel pasta is also available in Bangkok. Thus we researched and we read so much about pasta in cheese wheel in Bangkok. It is basically pasta cooked in a huge cheese wheel. We read so much about it so we thought that we should try it when we travel to Bangkok. Hence in one of the trips to Bangkok, we decided to try it at Sorrento in Maha Nakhon. This is a non-Halal restaurant.

sorrento bangkok

There are at least half a dozen restaurants in Bangkok offering pasta in cheese wheels. However, only a handful restaurant that is within the city and near the BTS Station. Sorrento is one of the restaurants that is located near BTS station and they have good reviews online.

sorrento bangkok cheese wheel

They are located near W Bangkok and a stone throw away from BTS Chong Nongsi Station and that is the main reason we visited Sorrento.

We booked our table as we thought the restaurant is packed. It was busy during weekday lunch as the restaurant is huge and they have private function in one of their private rooms.

We ordered their lunch sets but we will only talk about the pasta in cheese wheel in this review.

They called the dish Cacio De Pepe which means ‘cheese and pepper’ in Italian. When you ask the waiter about pasta in cheese wheel and they will show you this. Only available in Ala Carte menu and not in their set menu.

Cacio de Pepe with bacon is priced at THB 360++ and with foie gras or scallops at THB 460++. The video of pasta with foie gras is actually for another customer but they allowed us to film it.

We ordered the pasta with scallops and it was cooked in the cheese wheel too. The reason we didn’t film our pasta as we sat inside so the environment is darker and it won’t look as nice as the one we video earlier.

We posted the video on Youtube and it has garnered over 300k and most of the comments are negative so far. From the video, they burnt the brandy so it will melt the cheese they scraped. After that, they stir the cooked pasta within the cheese wheel so it gets more cheese.

sorrento bangkok burning brandy

Then they added olive oil and pepper and the ingredient you ordered; foie gras, scallops or bacon.

sorrento bangkok cheese wheel pasta scallop

The taste of the pasta is not too bad. It is cheesy and pasta is still al dente. With the added brandy, the pasta is fragrant and we enjoyed it. We never visited Italy and we are not familiar with the origin of the pasta in cheese wheel so we can’t comment how original is this pasta but we enjoyed it.

You could argue it is pricey for a pasta to be priced from THB 360 and above but that is their specialty.

sorrento bangkok shop

Never had pasta in cheese wheel before? Well, you can drop by Sorrento when you are in Bangkok. It won’t be the best pasta you going to have but you will enjoy the cooking process. The service of this restaurant is a bit slow and we hope to see improvement one day.

Opening Hours: 11 am to 11pm daily

Sorrento Bangkok Address:

73 ถ.สาธรเหนือ ซ.สาทร 10 สีลม บางรัก Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand

Phone: +66 2 234 9841

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