February 9, 2023

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Dean and Deluca is Opening in Pavilion Malaysia

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Dean and Deluca is Opening in Pavilion Malaysia

Now, there is good news for Dean and Deluca fans! It is opening in Pavilion KL soon! One of our friends spotted it in Pavilion KL today overtaking the PressRoom Bistro! Currently, they have outlets in Thailand and Singapore and can’t wait to see them opening up in Kuala Lumpur.

Dean & DeLuca is a chain of upscale American grocery stores. It is originated in New York City and since its established in 1977, the brands have been expanding in America and now expanding in the rest of the world. The word Dean & DeLuca is derived from founders Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca.

Dean and Deluca at MahaNakhon CUBE Bangkok

They have a number of outlets in Bangkok and we have been to their Dean and Deluca Outlet in MahaNakhon CUBE Bangkok. You can read our review at Dean and Deluca at MahaNakhon CUBE Bangkok. They are a restaurant and they do offer food products

You can find premium imported food products in Dean and Deluca in Bangkok. However, we are not sure the concept of Dean and Deluca in Malaysia. It could be purely restaurant, we don’t want to speculate that until it is open.

There are no words when is the opening of Dean and Deluca in Pavilion KL but at least we know there are here. Now, this is another reason to visit Pavilion KL. For more info on Dean and Deluca, visit DeanAndDeluca.com


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  1. Omg i heard may good things about Dean and Deluca. Will you be attending the opening? Kee p us uodated!

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